New “Wall-E” Poster!

New Wall-E Poster

Based on this poster alone I am predicting that Pixar’s “Wall-E” will be the biggest movie of Summer 2008. Pixar movies always make money, and when they are really good, they destroy the box office competition. I can see it now, “Wall-E” will be all over the damn place.

I know I said in a previous post that “Wall-E” looked like “Johnny 5“. But at least this film doesn’t feature Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg.

As old as I am, even I am going to see this movie and I know I’m not alone.


Throwback Villain of the Week!


Jareth The Goblin King

Why Are You Not Watching “Dirty Sexy Money”?


What do you get when you combine the dysfunction of “Arrested Development” with The Post’s “Page Six” columns and “Dallas” minus the crazy cliffhangers? You get one of the Fall 2007 Season’s Best New Shows. 

“Dirty Sexy Money” is one of the few shows this season that has really grabbed my attention and held it. It’s an old school Soap Opera that is funny, well written, and the cast is great. So it makes perfect sense that I am happy with today’s news that “Dirty Sexy Money” has been given a full season order.

Once the Writers Strike is over, they can finally start production on the remaining 11 episodes to complete the full 22 episode order. 

“Dirty Sexy Money” currently airs in the post “Private Practice” timeslot on Wednesdays. I feel that the show is good enough to follow “Grey’s Anatomy” on Thursdays. I’m sure if moved there it would retain a larger portion of the “Grey’s Anatomy” audience than “Big Shots” did.  

DSM has been doing OK in the ratings race and always averages over 8 million viewers. But I’m sure if ABC really realized the potential the show has to be a break out hit and moved the show, it would garner higher ratings.

If you haven’t seen this show I suggest you catch up with the episodes on It is definitely worth your valuable time. I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy the crazy world of the Darling Family as much as I do.

“Dirty Sexy Money” airs Wednesday Nights at 10PM on ABC. 


“Terminator 4: Full Throttle”


So it’s bad enough that Fox is already bastardizing the “Terminator” franchise with the very lame looking “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, now the news comes that director McG will be directing “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins”.

That is a really bad direct to video quality title.

I was somewhat down with “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” because I thought it was one of those retarded, yet action packed multiplex diversions. I didn’t know why the movie was rated R though because most of the violence happened off screen. But whatever, I mainly give the movie credit for having the balls to end the movie the way it did.

With the case of “Terminator 4” were there no other action movie directors available? I mean seriously, McG? The guy that brought us the “Charlie’s Angels” movies? A director who is not even budget conscience? This is a dude that spent most of those movies budgets on music licensing instead of special effects. How can anyone choose him as a director for a big budget “Terminator” movie?

I have no problem with music video directors turned movie directors. Francis Lawrence did a great job with his direction of “Constantine”. His “I Am Legend” with Will Smith looks good too. And this is the same man who did Britney’s “Im A Slave 4 U”.

McG went from Sugar Ray videos to big screen crap. His hiring does nothing but lower my expectations for T4. But hey you never know. James Gunn wrote “Scooby Doo” then surprised me with the kick ass “Dawn of the Dead” remake (My Review). But as of right now I am skeptical.

It’s shit like this that almost makes me wish they hired Len Wiseman.

Hey does this mean that we are going to get another video like this when the movie comes out?


New “Cloverfield” Trailer!


I am a huge JJ Abrams fan. I loved his show “Alias” and even followed it through it’s bad seasons. I am a fan of “L O S T” and think that the pilot episode of the series is one of the best 2 hours of Television I have ever seen. I also enjoyed his “Mission Impossible III”.

So it makes sense that I’d be down with “Cloverfield”. Sure it’s not directed by JJ, but his trusty team of writers always deliver.

When I saw the 1st teaser trailer that was attached to “Transformers” I was excited. But I didn’t get all into the crazy viral marketing hype that followed the teaser trailer. I actually had forgotton that this movie was even coming out. But now a new trailer has been released, and it’s very good.

I am glad I now have something to look forward to in January 2008.

Why does New York City always get done greasy? 🙂


Nicole Scherzinger Continues To Try And Make “Baby Love” Happen…

Baby Love


Nicole Scherzinger continues to inexplicably try and make this song catch on. But here is the truth, it’s NOT happening.

She performed “Baby Love” at the AMA’s last night and it was just bad. The vocals, her growls, and those last few high notes towards the end were all wrong. And let’s just forget Will.I.Am was on stage with her too.

Nicole Scherzinger seems so intent on ruining her solo shot at fame. I think she should have just did another performance of “Whatever You Like”. Sure that song was a radio flop too, but it sure as hell beats “Baby Love”.