My Current Music Artist on Heavy Rotation: Robyn

I go through many phases musically. In the span of a month, what I listen to can encompass many different musical genres. I love music, and there basically isn’t a musical genre that is excluded on my iTunes Library.

People know I have a deep love and appreciation of Pop Music. Pop Music gets a bad reputation, and deservedly so in many cases. But when well done, Pop Music can be damn near brilliant. There are many timeless Pop songs, and then there are one of the reasons Pop Music gets a bad reputation: One Hit Wonders. Music History is littered with the footnotes of countless One Hit Wonders. Some make that one really good hit like Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” or Blind Melon’s “No Rain”, but 85% of the others make forgettable stuff that was only good the moment it was released. Which brings me to my musical obsession of the moment: Robyn. Continue reading

New Music Video: LeToya featuring Ludacris “Regret”

The video to LeToya’s 3rd single “Regret” was finally released.

While there is nothing particularly special about the video, the song is so hot that the video isn’t even a factor. She’s looking good though.

As for the song, LeToya’s vocals are on point. Ludacris’ verse is simple, witty, and doesn’t steal any of LeToya’s shine. Tank’s production is tight. And the lyrics are pretty solid.  Usually songs about dead wrong guys play it a little too obvious to the point where the lyrics are cliche. On this song you can relate to what she is singing about (girl or guy). And despite who she is singing to, the chorus resonates with everyone who gave someone swag and in turn they got gassed and ran with it.

They always do regret it in the end.

Hopefully this will be a big hit for her. My question though? Why wasn’t this the 1st single?

Diddy releases a new single… He apparently still thinks it’s 96’…

FAIL Money

So Diddy disbanded the most successful act on his label (Danity Kane) to make yet another band? And then give this new band an even stupider name? Dirty Money? Really?

Then to make matters worse, he releases this really weak ass 90’s throwback of a song.

That shit isn’t going to get any club jumping. And to me, it looks like an attempt to recreate “Total” with Diddy stepping in for the tough looking Pam.


Diddy, you did this shit better already:

The Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga “Video Phone” Remix Has Finally Arrived…


Last week the video for the remix of “Video Phone” featuring Lady Gaga was supposed to make it’s world premiere on all MTV owned stations. There was even a countdown clock on several websites. But when the clock hit zero, no video premiered.

They blamed technical difficulties and pushed it back to November 23rd.

Well while STAN’S across the internet breathlessly wait for Beyonce and her RAW EMOTION to finally debut the video, the song itself has finally arrived.

I’m sure this will get pulled by YouTube soon. So listen to it while you can.

My thoughts?

It’s not the dramatic display of ridiculousness that I expected due to it after all being a Beyonce song. It’s virtually the same song that is already on “I Am… Sasha Fierce”.  Bangladesh is pretty good at making cool beats though. And this song is way better than the super repetitive “Diva”. But at the end of the day, you guys know how I feel about Beyonce.

So now that the song has finally arrived, was it worth the wait?

New Music Thursday!


Usher: “Rock Band”

Produced by RedOne (Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”) Usher goes into party mode, which is good since I hate “Papers”. But the song doesn’t really fit him. Also the chorus is weak. “Let me rock you like a Rock Band?”. Who says shit like that over the age of 17?

Official Site


Amerie ft. Fabolous: “More Than Love”

Amerie makes another attempt at a career resurrection with this track off her album “In Love And War”. I like it. But I like Amerie. But her career is never going to pop off. It’s just not going to happen. She needs to try her hand at acting instead. People just aren’t feeling her musically.

Official Site


Mariah Carey ft. Gucci Mane, OG Da Juiceman and JD: “H.A.T.E.U. (Remix)”

I don’t get how Mariah’s CD tanked. I thought people were feeling “Obsessed” because it was all over the damn radio. But I guess not. Here is a new song that LIBERALLY samples the Ghosttown DJ’s classic “My Boo”. I was sitting at home jamming to Funk Flex when he suddenly dropped a bomb. So I was waiting to hear what he would play and this came on. I swore it was the Ghostown DJ’s one.

Official Site

Mads Langer

Mads Langer: “Beauty of the Dark”

You know I had to take a left turn and play something different than the above. This is a good rock song with good vocals. I’d rather listen to this than Kings of Leon all day. The radio is really burning out that “Use Somebody” song… That fucking song is a pain in the ass already.

Official Site

When Underwhelming Videos Attack!: Kaskade “Move For Me”


The song is on heavy rotation on my gym playlist on my iPod.

The video? Eh….

It’s crazy how much you can love a song and then the video doesn’t deliver. This video is boring. Too artsy. And it doesn’t really have that awesome vibe of the song where you expect it to be a crazy night out.

New Video From Ciara: “Go Girl”

You know I love Ciara, but I have to say the material she is putting out lately isn’t on her level. “High Price” and “Click Flash” were really bad. And now we have “Go Girl”.

The song isn’t terrible, but it’s not great. The video on the other hand looks good and it showcases what a tremendous dancer she is.

Hopefully she can surprise me, and her album will be good. But as of right now I’m not expecting to find anything that I can burn out on my iPod.

Prove me wrong CiCi.