“Old School” Joint of the Day!: Javier “Crazy”

R&B artist Javier is one talented guy. He is a singer/songwriter who released a song that happens to be one of my favorites from the Neo-Soul Explosion that happened a few years back.

The song is called “Crazy” and it was off of his debut album.  

“Crazy” is one of those R&B songs that you listen to once and they immediately get stuck in your head for hours. The video to the song is simple and features a great acoustic version of the song at the end.

I don’t know why Javier didn’t catch on with main stream audiences because he is a very talented musician. I don’t know what he is up to now, but hopefully he can release another good song before he calls it a day with his career.

Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.


The List of “Irreplaceable” Knock Off’s Grows: Chris Brown “With You”


I don’t hate Chris Brown. I think he is a very talented dancer. Sure his dancing style is not something I would aspire to do in a club because you might hit someone in the face, (and I am not 17) but the dude has moves even if they are MJ inspired. His brief cameo in “Stomp The Yard” was good. His fanbase also gets props for powering his under advertised film “This Christmas” to a strong #2 debut last weekend.

His debut CD was on heavy rotation all over the Radio, MTV, and even at my Barber Shop. And while “Wall to Wall” wasn’t a great song or video, the follow up “Kiss Kiss” is a pretty catchy song. So why follow up your song with another Stargate retread of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”?

I’m sorry but this song sounds just like every other Stargate produced song. It’s a shame really, I’m sure there are hundreds of talented aspiring song writers out there who could successfully write a hit song for any artist if given the opportunity. So why work with someone who is trying to mimic past success with every new song they produce?

Listen to the other songs that sound similar to Beyaki’s “Irreplaceable” and tell me if it’s just me that hears the similarities or if I am just going crazy:

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