You shouldn’t wear Flip Flops outside of the beach….

Why is it that when the weather here in NYC gets to be above 70 degrees, women (and men with questionable fashion taste) decide that they want to put their dusty feet on display for all of New York to see?
This summer I especially noticed there was a Flip Flop epidemic and it is getting out of hand.

At least 3 out of 5 girls in NYC are wearing Flip Flops. They sport them to the store, to work, on the train, to go shopping.


1) To the Nail Salon to get a pedicure.

2) And then after your toe nail polish has dried, you wear them to the Beach.
Thats it. You shouldnt wear them if there is no sand or ocean/lake involved.

And chicks with ashy feet seem to be everywhere. Did the price of Lubriderm go up with the price of Gas?

Then women get mad when they catch you staring at their bare hooves in horror. COVER YOUR FEET and I wont look. Its that simple.

Oh and dont get mad if I step on the corn on your baby toe by mistake on the 6 train. No one told you to wear open toed shoes to a crowded place. Common Sense.

Especially at work too. If I happen to drop my stapler and it grazes your bunion, it really isnt my fault. Take it up with Workers Comp (And then theyll berate you for wearing open toed shoes to work).

If you are a woman whose height is 5’10 or above, chances are your feet are easily over a size 10. That also means that your feet probably look like “Man Feet”. So that also means you should keep them suckers covered up.

And having long toe nails, then having the nerve to freaking put a French Manicure on them, makes u look like a Badger who is best friends with a Korean Lady.

And dudes? What the hell is the sense of wearing thong flip flops with Jeans to go to random places like the barbershop? And flip flops with socks make you look like the only hick/retard who thinks the “I Just Woke Up” look they picked up from spending 5 years at SUNY New Paltz is cool.

PS: Chinese slippers are really cheap. So dont wear the same ones until all the cheap glitter and sequins fall off and you got holes in the soles.