Ladies: Do You Want “A Shot At Love” With Domenico?


According to THIS website, MTV will be producing a “A Shot At Love” Spin-Off featuring recent cast off Domenico Nessi that is tentatively titled “Thats Amore!!”

Here is some of the casting breakdown:

Ladies are you an all-American hottie tired of typical, lame American guys? Do you long for your prince charming? Are you ready for European adventure and romance? Are you desperate for that once in a lifetime kind of love? Now… “Thats Amore!!”

MTV is now seeking gorgeous females at least 21 years old who have the looks, outrageous personality and heart to win the love of MTV’s very own Italian stallion Domeico Nessi!

Domenico wants his shot at love, and the search is on for his very own American sweetheart, a girl he can bring home to Mama! 

This should be interesting, let me find out that MTV is finally trying to copy the VH1 “Celebreality” formula by endlessly spinning off these shows.

I know essentially every reality show on MTV is a rip off of “The Real World” so they are no stranger to the spin off, but still. VH1 has been doing exceptionally well with every “Flavor Of Love” spinoff they produced, it’s about time the folks at their sister station caught up.  

Will you tune in to see “That’s Amore!!” with Domenico? 


Sure Jaslene’s “My Life As A Covergirl” Commercials Are Painful To Watch….


But she does know how to take some nice pictures. Here are some photos of the last cycle’s winner taken by Photographer Brian Edwards.

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YouTube Clip of the Day!: “Knight Rider”


My buddy Terrence is at it again.

Here is a clip of his remake of the David Hasselhoff 80’s Classic “Knight Rider”

The pressure is on Terrence. What else are you going to come up with?


“Worst Christmas Songs Ever”: Redux


This is for my buddy Pab.

How can I forget the truly awful Christmas Album by Jessica Simpson? Words cannot even describe my dislike for her music. She is a pretty girl who caught a lucky break with her reality show. But her singing is pretty awful.

Back when she first came out, she was a good singer. But then something happened to her voice along the way. I think it was around the time “With You” came out. All of a sudden she started singing in a really fucking odd Baby Voice. And then she all of a sudden tried to emulate Britney’s style of singing. Which is a shame in itself because Britney is well known for not being the best singer in the world. So why copy her?

As for this atrocious christmas song. Seriously? Was there a need to attempt to OD vocally on a remake of “Let it Snow”? People forget that when you cover a Christmas song, you should just sing the song as is. There is no need to add a whole bunch of unnecessary elements to the song.

And I know the album title is purposely spelled “ReJoyce” in honor of a relative, but it still looks stupid. If I didn’t read about the meaning of the title online I would have chalked it up to the ditzy persona that she has cultivated for herself over the years.


“Old School” Rock Track of the Day!: Adema “Giving In”


Hey, as I mentioned before I am a huge fan of the Rock Music genre. Especially when it comes to singing. I prefer to let out my aggressions by singing Rock Music. Everyone else can have their drums or aspire to be a Guitar Hero, but put me front and center of the band.

Adema’s “Giving In” is another song I enjoy to sing. It’s moody, dark, has some pretty heavy lyrics, and it also builds well from the start of the song to the end. It’s a great song.

And hey you know I have to show solidarity to my Latino peeps, the lead singer of Adema was a talented guy named Marky Chavez.

I know that the band had some problems and Marky left the band, but at least they had a successful single. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have at least one hit then never have one at all.

Download: Adema “Giving In” 

Bonus Rock Track: Chester Bennington “System”