Pistol Grip Studios Presents: “Dani Drones Promo Test”

I seriously can’t stop watching this.

Here is a video my best friend Liz made with her production partners at Pistol Grip Studios.

Love her. She is available to make videos, so if you are looking for a director, follow her on Twitter: @ThePistolGrip



My Current Music Artist on Heavy Rotation: Robyn

I go through many phases musically. In the span of a month, what I listen to can encompass many different musical genres. I love music, and there basically isn’t a musical genre that is excluded on my iTunes Library.

People know I have a deep love and appreciation of Pop Music. Pop Music gets a bad reputation, and deservedly so in many cases. But when well done, Pop Music can be damn near brilliant. There are many timeless Pop songs, and then there are one of the reasons Pop Music gets a bad reputation: One Hit Wonders. Music History is littered with the footnotes of countless One Hit Wonders. Some make that one really good hit like Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” or Blind Melon’s “No Rain”, but 85% of the others make forgettable stuff that was only good the moment it was released. Which brings me to my musical obsession of the moment: Robyn. Continue reading

My dog Duke in a Bootleg-Low Budget “TheNeverEnding Story” remake…

I think it’s safe to say my dog isn’t always happy with me…

Love him though.


My Favorite Slang Words/Phrases Of 2010

As the year comes to a close I usually start trying to recap all the “Best” of everything I enjoy. Music, Television, Movies, all things that everyone who has a blog is guaranteed to make “Best” lists for.

With 2011 quickly approaching, I thought I’d do something a little bit different this time around. The idea for this blog post came to me when I was talking about my cousin Unique the other day. Unique is a funny girl who is also a gold mine of often hilarious catchphrases and new slang words.

Many of the words that she says in passing initially garner a look that says “OK… Good luck with your attempt to make that word happen!”, but then you gradually start to say these words.

In 2010 alone I think I have picked up more than 10 words from her. Because of this, I think it’s time I did a quick round up of My Favorite Slang Words Of 2010.

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The moment you realize you are friends with a “Well I had…”

We all love to go hang out for a night on the town. Who really doesn’t? Sure you can be hardcore and go out alone and see what the city has to offer you. I have seen plenty of people stand on lines for the club solo and party alone.

While that may be cool for a lot of people, the rest of us are admittedly co-dependent. So of course we hang out with a group of friends. A night out with good friends makes for great times, (usually).

But all the fun changes when you come to the realization that you are friends with what I like to call a “Well I Had…”

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The internet community goes crazy for “Inception”, I still couldn’t care less…

OK, so I’m ready to be called a “Hater” after this post.

Christopher Nolan is a good director. I have enjoyed many of his movies since his first film (“Memento”), which I saw with one of my best friends (Liz) at the Village East Cinema way back when. The man is good at telling a story, but one thing that is frustrating me is that after “The Dark Knight”, the praise for him from internet Fanboys is getting a little nauseating.

The level of hyperbole used to describe his work is pretty amazing to me. I mean, I really enjoyed “The Dark Knight”, but was it the Best Movie Ever? Not by a long shot. Was it the Best Superhero Movie Ever? Not even. Did it deserve to win an Oscar for Best Picture? Hell no.

This brings me to his latest film, “Inception” which is hitting US theaters next week. Some of the early reviews are SO over the top that it’s hard to even take them seriously.

Do I want to NOT believe they are true? No. If anything I am waiting for the next Game Changing movie to come and “Wow” me the way “The Matrix” did many years ago. This Summer has been so abysmal, and for every superb “Toy Story 3”, we get a ton of crap.

But will “Inception” save this Summer for movies like reviews are saying?

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Another Reason I Sometimes Dislike My Brother: “We Rule”

I love my brother very much. But that doesn’t mean I always like him. Ever since he joined the iPhone Army, he has been an App Downloading Fanatic. I always hear his phone buzzing and making strange noises and I prefer staying in the dark as to what new game he is obsessed with. But he kept inviting me to play a game called “We Rule”. I resisted for weeks, but I finally got caught into the game and downloaded it.

What happened?

I naturally became obsessed.

Here is a bit about the game from a review online:

And here is my “We Rule” kingdom:

Yup I’m OD’ing. I pretty much left my habit of obsessively playing FarmVille in favor of building a kingdom on “We Rule”.

It’s unhealthy for sure. And I am probably going to revert back to using my old Motorola Flip Phone in a few years to aid in my weaning off these games. But for now, I’m down with another time sucking App thanks to my brother.