“100% Pure Wool” & Personal Style…

What is wrong with these 2 Suits?

If you said “Nothing” then you are obviously one of the hundreds of repeat offenders in NYC.

This is WRONG People!


Why do people insist on keeping the “100% Pure Wool” tag on their suits and coats? That shit drives me insane. Seriously, no one cares if your coat is pure wool. Wool is not some sort of rare luxury item that you flaunt and brag about. I don’t get it. You see people just trying to floss with the tag on their clothes and it is just stupid. This chick on the train was rolling her eyes hardcore at me one time because in her world she probably thought I was trying to holla at her. But in reality I was wondering why she still had the tag on her sleeve.

The tag is not a Name Brand Label, it’s just telling you the shit is Wool. Period. So take a razor to the stitching and cut it off.

In addition, if you have no discernable sense of style that you must resort to flaunting name brands, you need some help. Keeping the wool label on for any reason (aside from the fact that you may have just bought the coat and forgot to take it off) just shows that you have no style and are tacky.

Personal Style should be effortless because it’s coming from you. It should be what you like wearing, not what other people think is cool. I wore “Ed Hardy” hats before the craze happened, I rode the craze out, and I still wear them now. Why? Because it’s one of the only hat company’s that makes comfortable hats that fit my huge ass head. 

Remember folks, throwing on every name brand in an attempt to look fly makes you look like if the Youth Department at “Macy’s” threw up all over you. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Cut off any uneccessary tags from your clothing. Oh and while I am at it, Men really should remember to cut that little “X” stitching on the bottom back of their suit jackets. It’s not meant to stay there.


Jaslene? Is that you?

What the hell happened to Cassie?

While I still think that Cassie can’t sing well, I have never denied the girl has a lot of sex appeal.

So while I was looking forward to seeing her in the new Sean John Ladies campaign, I open up the picture in my inbox and to my surprise it looks nothing like Cassie.

 Right now in this pic she is looking like Jaslene.

You know the girl who won “Top Model” and talks like she’s deaf?

Diddy did her no justice here.

And then he’s got her posing with The Poor Man’s Meagan Good Lauren London.

IMO, she should have been rocking an ad solo.


That’s right, they are from Target….


There was a minute there where I got a little full of myself and only bought Banana Republic Chinos. At $50 to $60 bucks a pop, this started to become a bit extra.

Keeping in the tradition of being cheap (Like when I bought a pair of Starbury’s) I recently discovered that Target sells Chinos for $20 bucks. That’s right, $20 dollars each.

They are durable, high quality, they require minimal ironing, and the bitches are even water proof. All of that for $20 dollars. They even have a waist band that expands a little bit if you happen to gain weight.
For $20 dollars.

Now you wont ever see me buy dress shirts from Target (I’ll stick to being a Banana Republic snob for those) I did spend $200 bucks at Target and bought 10 pairs of chinos. And it was worth it.

I just thought I share this with the other dudes out there who are either spending too much money on Chinos or are currently getting theirs at Old Navy or The Gap. (Who’s pants are not good quality if you ask me.)

You see, don’t ever say I didn’t share with you.

And another thing guys here is a reminder: Brown Shoes = Brown Belt / Black Shoes = Black Belt / Brown Shoes + Black Belt = Fool.

It’s simple.


Aint no shame in my Sneaker Game!


I sure as hell did the unthinkable.

I went out to mutherfucking “Steve & Barry’s” and got me a pair of Starbury Sneakers for $15.80 (With Tax).

That’s right, I bought 16 dollar sneakers. I’m so changing the game on all these Jordan wearing bastards.

I mean, someone has to take a stand because sneaker prices are getting out of control. (Thank God for Nicole and her Niketown Discount!)

The other day I saw a nice pair of Jordans and those bitches cost $175. You see, $125 is the most I would ever pay for a pair of kicks. And thats for running shoes because I run a lot and would never wear fucked up low, quality sneakers to run. (Shin splits suck bad people!) But $175 is fucking crazy.

Sneaker prices like that set a dangerous precedent, and I’m sure it will only lead to scores of ads (from desperate parents) on Craigslist.com offering up their booty for “175 Roses” just to ensure lil Ray Ray and Bam Bam are exclusive on their first day of school.

In all seriousness though, the Starbury Sneakers are really comfortable. And they match Mets and Knicks jersey’s perfectly. But since I’m not really a fan of either team, I sported mine with a black and orange sleeveless. And people were staring at me with the “No this nigga didn’t face” like “what the hell?“. But whatever. They look hot. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

I have a pretty decent sneaker collection and I can say that these are probably going to be the cheapest pair of kicks I have ever purchased.

I really give dude props for thinking about who his audience is and not falling victim to endorsing a sneaker with a ridiculous price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Nike fanatic, I own Jordan’s, but I can afford to buy these things thankfully.
It’s the young kids I worry about. Most of them (and their parents) can’t afford to keep them styling. So this is a good alternative. And judging by the way “Steve and Barry’s” was in fucking shambles when I went there, I guess I’m not the only fan.


Bruno aka I’m Styling On You Haters….