The Bad Girls Club Season 2: “Prank Wars Part 3: The Phat Lady Sings!”


I have to say that this show has grown on me. I knew nothing about it before, and now I never miss an episode.

And while Tanisha’s exploits in “Pop Off” were annoying to me, in subsequent episodes I actually find my self laughing at her now, and not in a bad way. She is just too funny, and now I see why she was cast on the show. She is so ridiculously over the top and angry that it makes for great TV. 

Sure her temper can be a bit OD, but what Jennavecia and Darlen did to their food was gross. And the whole pissing in places that aren’t toilets? I can’t co-sign that behavior. Also I realized that Jennavecia talks a good game, but she is slightly passive aggressive, and when confronted by Tanisha exploding and wrecking her room, any chance to prove how bad she really is was wasted. Jennavecia just retreated. I’m sure Tanisha exaggerated when she said her throat was burning (as a result of Jennavecia putting hot sauce in her juice) but she had every right to explode. I get pissed when people mess with my food. One time my friends stuffed the paper from the straw inside the straw without me knowing. And when I tried to drink my soda the balls of paper shot back into my mouth. They all laughed. Me? I often wonder if they ever found their way home from the mall those many years ago.

Jennavecia got punked by Tanisha. Even if I am wrong, messing with my room and my stuff would have had us fighting soon after. But Jennavecia did nothing. To top it off Tanisha punked her again in front of her peoples. Double punk.

The best though is drunk Darlen. She just doesn’t care when she is drunk, and she gets that drunk face that most of us get when we are hammered. No? Just me? Oh well. Darlen had that drunk face that scares your friends because you don’t look like yourself after 12 drinks. And of course Darlen went home and acted a fool.

Here is where I got even madder at Jennavecia. Instead of putting Darlen to bed or talking to her about why she was mad, she encouraged her to be even louder and more destructive. And that wasn’t cool.

Of course it turned into a big house screaming match. But Cordelia who was the focal point of Tanisha’s anger in “Pop Off” managed to avoid any troubles because she stayed outside with Harry Potter. Good move, but not so good a move by cheating on your fiance on National Television.

In the end Lyric, who shouldn’t even be in the house at all, acted like she was too grown for reality TV fights. And she decided to pack up her incense and leave. Which is good. I never liked her. Her reasons for stealing didn’t make me sympathize with her. Especially how someone who acts like “Mother Earth” (thank you Tanisha) would even try to rationalize stealing from someones purse? I don’t know. Maybe she is a good person, but stealing is just one of the major things I can’t co-sign.

As usual this show is entertaining. Last weeks final scene of Tanisha banging pots while bagpipe music played was hilarious.



  1. Taniesha you are a loud crazy ass biotch…its like your gonna give urself a freakin annurism wow slow your roll literally girl damn!!

  2. Pop -off son….

  3. that was their best season

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