“Video FAIL”

What… The… Fuck?

This is the best they could come up with? This nonsense? It looks cheap as hell for starters. Beyonce dwarfs Gaga in size. The choreography is weak. And it isn’t at all sexy.

It looks like if the “Soldier” video had an unprotected three-way with the “Check On It” and “Diva” video while watching a Rihanna video marathon on MTV Hits.


The Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga “Video Phone” Remix Has Finally Arrived…


Last week the video for the remix of “Video Phone” featuring Lady Gaga was supposed to make it’s world premiere on all MTV owned stations. There was even a countdown clock on several websites. But when the clock hit zero, no video premiered.

They blamed technical difficulties and pushed it back to November 23rd.

Well while STAN’S across the internet breathlessly wait for Beyonce and her RAW EMOTION to finally debut the video, the song itself has finally arrived.

I’m sure this will get pulled by YouTube soon. So listen to it while you can.

My thoughts?

It’s not the dramatic display of ridiculousness that I expected due to it after all being a Beyonce song. It’s virtually the same song that is already on “I Am… Sasha Fierce”.  Bangladesh is pretty good at making cool beats though. And this song is way better than the super repetitive “Diva”. But at the end of the day, you guys know how I feel about Beyonce.

So now that the song has finally arrived, was it worth the wait?

Because she just HAD to do it too: Beyonce’s “Wardrobe Malfunction”


The list of celebrities who have had nude photo scandals or “Wardrobe Malfunctions is pretty big this year.

Britney, Lindsay, Paris, Eliza Dushku, Vanessa Hudgens, and most recently Ashanti.

Now we can add Beyonce to the list of performers who inexplicably decide to not wear undies.

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The List of “Irreplaceable” Knock Off’s Grows: Chris Brown “With You”


I don’t hate Chris Brown. I think he is a very talented dancer. Sure his dancing style is not something I would aspire to do in a club because you might hit someone in the face, (and I am not 17) but the dude has moves even if they are MJ inspired. His brief cameo in “Stomp The Yard” was good. His fanbase also gets props for powering his under advertised film “This Christmas” to a strong #2 debut last weekend.

His debut CD was on heavy rotation all over the Radio, MTV, and even at my Barber Shop. And while “Wall to Wall” wasn’t a great song or video, the follow up “Kiss Kiss” is a pretty catchy song. So why follow up your song with another Stargate retread of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable”?

I’m sorry but this song sounds just like every other Stargate produced song. It’s a shame really, I’m sure there are hundreds of talented aspiring song writers out there who could successfully write a hit song for any artist if given the opportunity. So why work with someone who is trying to mimic past success with every new song they produce?

Listen to the other songs that sound similar to Beyaki’s “Irreplaceable” and tell me if it’s just me that hears the similarities or if I am just going crazy:

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Partner Let Me Upgrade You, Audemars Piguet You, Switch Yo TV Service To Cable?


I was at the gym exercising and all of a sudden during ESPN’s Sports Center this commercial came on.

At first I thought they changed the TV and put on MTV Hits, but then I heard WiggyPopLocksNWails break from her “Sasha” character to start talking about upgrading your TV service to Direct TV.

For real Beyonce? Seriously?

I can’t knock her hustle, because this is the type of crazy random shit that keeps you famous. Because if I were in the spotlight I’d probably shill random shit too.

But again, seriously, cable service? What’s next? Chilling with that unsupervised Verizon FIOS kid?


Old School Joint of the Day: Brandy “I Wanna Be Down”


Poor Brandy. She’s had a rough time lately. So rough it seems that people forget she was at one point as popular as WiggyPopLocksNWails(TM). Sure they are completely different, but Brandy’s popularity was almost at an equal level in her heyday. I can remember when Destiny’s Child couldn’t even book a lip synching gig on Soul Train while Brandy was everywhere.

I am an Aaliyah man myself, Brandy wasn’t really my fave, but I can’t knock her hustle.

Anyhow, here is her video to the “I Wanna Be Down” remix. It features every female rapper who was “hot” at the time. Remember when idiots tried to learn that stupid hand dance she does?

PS: Pick up her CD “Afrodisiac” if you haven’t done so. It is probably her best album.

Ring The Alarm! Beyonce Falls AGAIN!

This made my day!