The internet community goes crazy for “Inception”, I still couldn’t care less…

OK, so I’m ready to be called a “Hater” after this post.

Christopher Nolan is a good director. I have enjoyed many of his movies since his first film (“Memento”), which I saw with one of my best friends (Liz) at the Village East Cinema way back when. The man is good at telling a story, but one thing that is frustrating me is that after “The Dark Knight”, the praise for him from internet Fanboys is getting a little nauseating.

The level of hyperbole used to describe his work is pretty amazing to me. I mean, I really enjoyed “The Dark Knight”, but was it the Best Movie Ever? Not by a long shot. Was it the Best Superhero Movie Ever? Not even. Did it deserve to win an Oscar for Best Picture? Hell no.

This brings me to his latest film, “Inception” which is hitting US theaters next week. Some of the early reviews are SO over the top that it’s hard to even take them seriously.

Do I want to NOT believe they are true? No. If anything I am waiting for the next Game Changing movie to come and “Wow” me the way “The Matrix” did many years ago. This Summer has been so abysmal, and for every superb “Toy Story 3”, we get a ton of crap.

But will “Inception” save this Summer for movies like reviews are saying?

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My Review of “Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire”

I was initially reluctant to even see the film “Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire”.

I kept reading/hearing about how gritty and realistic it was. I heard the scenes of violence were raw and leave you uncomfortable and cold. So of course, why would I even want to hand over my money for an ultimately depressing experience?

Well I ended up seeing the film finally, and when it ended I wondered? Was this the same great and gripping film I kept hearing about?

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“Kick Ass” Teaser Trailer!


So this is the movie everyone is buzzing about online?

I don’t know. I’m getting a very strong “Mystery Men” vibe. But I like Matthew Vaughn as a director. It’s rated R, so that helps. So I’ll give it a shot.

Also, if everyone has been praising the crap out of “Hit Girl”, maybe they should have framed her action in the trailer so that you can see the ass kicking in full view? I’m just saying.

Will this be a break out hit or another “Watchmen”?

My Belated “Best Films of 2008” List…


My Picks for “Best” of 2008:
1) Slumdog Millionaire
2) Wall E
2) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3) The Wrestler
4) The Dark Knight
5) Changeling

Honorable mention goes to “The Fall” for looking so damn awesome!


Johnny Depp as the “Mad Hatter”?


I’m sorry, but if this picture is indeed real, “The Mad Hatter” is looking How You Doing.

He looks as if Edward Scissorhands had a three way with Sweeney Todd and the Original Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) and then their baby was given a $50.00 Dollar coupon for “Wet n Wild” make up at Duane Reade for his Baptism.

I like and respect Johnny Depp as an actor, but I’m not co-signing this foolery.

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Flashback: My Television Review of “The Bourne Ultimatum”


In Late July of last year I appeared on the “Fox 5 10 O’Clock News” with Entertainment Reporter Toni Senecal and we reviewed “The Bourne Ultimatum” together. This appearance single handedly forced me to go harder at the gym 🙂

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Please, Please, Please Be True….


Make this happen NOW. Whenever I see “Arrested Development” reruns on G4 I get so mad that it was cancelled.

I would see an “Arrested Development” movie on opening day and buy 2 DVD’s if they make this happen!

Here is a clip of a compilation of Lucille Bluth’s best one liners. Sadly the photoshopped Drivers License bit was left out.


Thanks Pab…