Pistol Grip Studios Presents: “Dani Drones Promo Test”

I seriously can’t stop watching this.

Here is a video my best friend Liz made with her production partners at Pistol Grip Studios.

Love her. She is available to make videos, so if you are looking for a director, follow her on Twitter: @ThePistolGrip



“Throwback” Video of the Day!


The reason I remember this song so fondly is because it was playing on the radio right before I thought I was going to die.

I was in a car with my friend Camille in the back seat and we were driving on the Major Deegan Expressway to the Cross Bronx. And this was waaaaaaay before they added those yellow and black directional arrows on that are on those upper level ramps now.

We were all in the car driving and laughing loud and enjoying ourselves at like 2:30AM when we all at the same time fell silent. When the car made the turn onto the Cross Bronx Expressway we all started laughing again.

Why? Well apparently due to the darkness and lack of signs, we thought we drove off the dark highway ramp and into the river. 

I’m so glad that they finally put up signs. 



“Old School” Joints of the Day: One Hit Wonder Edition


Hey what’s up? 

These songs remind me of my fun days at Randolph High. Man the more you move away from your high school experience, the more nostalgic you get for those 4 years.

These are some of the 1 hit wonders that came out with singles when I was in high school. I hope you enjoy them.


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Throwback Video of the Day: M.I.A. “Bucky Done Gun”


This video reminds me of my brother, my friend Liz, and how Nicole despised this song when she saw it performed on Conan. It’s odd how quickly time flies.



In “Celebration” of Paula Abdul’s Return To Music…..


Paula Abdul may be better known to this generation as just a judge on “American Idol”. Many are unfamiliar with the fact that she was essentially the original JLO. Like Lopez, Paula never had a great powerful singing voice, but she was a megastar who racked up many hits back in the day. She was also a really good dancer and an accomplished choreographer.

That’s why I refused to watch any second of Bravo’s “Hey Paula”.  I’d rather remember the Paula Abdul who danced with a rapping cat when I was in the 4th grade.

Anyhow with her return to music and performing around the corner (listen to her new single here) I was thinking back to all of her classically cheeseball videos. And of course Keanu Reeves and the clapping monkey in “Rush Rush” was a high light but another video and song stuck out to me.

I present to you a major contender for the most dramatic pop ballad of the 90’s. Her “Classic”, “Blowing Kisses In The Wind”.

I always reference this song when Paula gives any sort of singing advice to people on Idol. For starters, the big bridge of the song is sung by someone else. If the song isn’t a duet, why is homeboy interrupting your song to sing the best part?

Anyhow, I honestly don’t see her musical comeback going far. But stranger things have happened. And she gets to perform at the Superbowl? Good job Fox.

Hopefully she is coherent enough to make it work.


“Old School” Joint of the Day!: Javier “Crazy”

R&B artist Javier is one talented guy. He is a singer/songwriter who released a song that happens to be one of my favorites from the Neo-Soul Explosion that happened a few years back.

The song is called “Crazy” and it was off of his debut album.  

“Crazy” is one of those R&B songs that you listen to once and they immediately get stuck in your head for hours. The video to the song is simple and features a great acoustic version of the song at the end.

I don’t know why Javier didn’t catch on with main stream audiences because he is a very talented musician. I don’t know what he is up to now, but hopefully he can release another good song before he calls it a day with his career.

Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.


“Old School” Joint of the Day: Tamia “You Put A Move On My Heart”


Tamia is probably the most criminally underrated female R&B vocalist. It’s a shame someone so pretty and talented just couldn’t catch on the way she should have. Her voice is awesome, especially on this song.

“You Put A Move On My Heart” is her best song in my opinion. It’s also a really good ballad. It’s well done, simple and sexy, I hope you enjoy watching this throwback video.


Download: Tamia – “You Put A Move On My Heart”