Another Reason I Sometimes Dislike My Brother: “We Rule”

I love my brother very much. But that doesn’t mean I always like him. Ever since he joined the iPhone Army, he has been an App Downloading Fanatic. I always hear his phone buzzing and making strange noises and I prefer staying in the dark as to what new game he is obsessed with. But he kept inviting me to play a game called “We Rule”. I resisted for weeks, but I finally got caught into the game and downloaded it.

What happened?

I naturally became obsessed.

Here is a bit about the game from a review online:

And here is my “We Rule” kingdom:

Yup I’m OD’ing. I pretty much left my habit of obsessively playing FarmVille in favor of building a kingdom on “We Rule”.

It’s unhealthy for sure. And I am probably going to revert back to using my old Motorola Flip Phone in a few years to aid in my weaning off these games. But for now, I’m down with another time sucking App thanks to my brother.