“Veronica Mars” is now a Hero!

While I hated the season finale of “Heroes” I’m still a fan of the show. And the news that my favorite TV private investigator Kristen Bell has joined the cast of “Heroes” for 13 episodes makes me really happy.

Sure her crasing into “L O S T” island or turing up as an intern at Seattle Grace would have made me happier, but I’ll take Kristen Bell on any show because I love her so much.

For her gig on “Heroes” she will be playing a character named “Elle” who may or may not be bad, and also has ties to Peter, Claire and Noah. We’ll see how this turns out.

Look for Kristen on “Heroes” starting this October.


While some starlets are in jail, in rehab, or are a mess….

Remember Hilary Duff?

At one point she was even more famous than Lindsay. But then Lindsay made “Mean Girls” and suddenly became this huge tabloid monster.

So while Lindsay has been out there acting a damn fool. It seems her chief rival was quietly working on her sexy. This video is not brand new. But it is Hilary’s latest single “Stranger”.

She looks great. And she is basically taking a page out of the old school Britney handbook. Yeah, can we even remember when Britney looked this sane?