My Favorite Slang Words/Phrases Of 2010

As the year comes to a close I usually start trying to recap all the “Best” of everything I enjoy. Music, Television, Movies, all things that everyone who has a blog is guaranteed to make “Best” lists for.

With 2011 quickly approaching, I thought I’d do something a little bit different this time around. The idea for this blog post came to me when I was talking about my cousin Unique the other day. Unique is a funny girl who is also a gold mine of often hilarious catchphrases and new slang words.

Many of the words that she says in passing initially garner a look that says “OK… Good luck with your attempt to make that word happen!”, but then you gradually start to say these words.

In 2010 alone I think I have picked up more than 10 words from her. Because of this, I think it’s time I did a quick round up of My Favorite Slang Words Of 2010.

“Everything” (Adjective)

Used to describe your appearance or the appearance of someone else in a positive way. Emphasis must be placed on the word for dramatic effect.

-Yo, she hit the gym in spandex shorts and her body is looking like EVERYTHING!

This is her latest overused word. It first appeared when she said that she was going to get in better shape and hit up South Beach “Looking like EVERYTHING!” in 2011.

“Getting It In” (Verb)

Dual Meaning: Used to describe extreme fun during a night out. Also used to describe sexual activity.

-Yo we were Getting It In last night at the club. We had mad drinks and were OD!

-Don’t call me at 8AM because chances are me and my girl are going to be Getting It In.

This phrase first appeared late last year when she said of a planned trip to Miami, “Yo all the cousins are going to be GETTING IT IN when we go to Miami and Shut It Down!” The phrase became overused by many I know in 2010.

“Bang” (Verb)

To hang out with someone.

-I don’t hang out with her because we just don’t BANG like that anymore.

This was used when describing a failed friendship with someone who was really close.

“Basic” (Adjective)

Dual Meaning: The opposite of fancy or stylish. Used to describe someone who just doesn’t have swagger even if they are good looking. Also used to describe someone who does things half-assed.

-Yeah she’s cute, but her personality is so Basic.

-I’m mad he invited me to a club, and his Basic ass didn’t even have a guest list.

Pretty self explanatory.

“I Cant!”

Phrase said in response to something someone says in conversation that is so inappropriate it’s funny.

-Yo, I’m mad that his tie is so short it stops at his belly.

-Check out how she has no edges and a ponytail.

-He’s so fat that he walks down the bus aisle sideways.

To all of these remarks, a person would reply “I Can’t!”

She constantly says this to me, because I constantly say off the hook things and she wants no part of it.

“Going In” (Verb)

Dual Meaning: Variation of “Getting It In”. Used to describe serious partying. Emphasis must be placed on the word In. Also used to describe you doing something in excess e.g. Eating.

-We are going to to Go IN on New Years Eve!

-Yo last night you was Going IN at the club!

-I saw you Going IN on that bag of Doritos like you never ate before!

Another one that is self explanatory.

The words above are all fun, but this next word ranks as my favorite of 2010. It is a word that has made me laugh all the time because it’s so simple it’s funny.

“HIT!” (Adjective/Verb)

Dual Meaning: To describe the appearance of someone/something in a negative fashion. Also used to describe being very drunk. Also the word “Hit” must be said with emphasis.

-Yo, that chick’s face is HIT!

-Yo we were HIT last night after all those shots of Henny!

-Yo these bitches are so HIT they need Geico!

This word is just funny like I said. She first used it to tell me how ugly some guy was who tried to talk to her at a night club. She said she had to take a step back because “That dude was fucking HIT!” I must have laughed for the rest of the day after that.

So my friends, these are my absolute favorite slang words I learned in 2010. As I get older, I sometimes worry about becoming an outsider when it comes to being up on new slang words. I worry about losing touch and being that guy who is all “What does that mean?”. With people like my cousin Unique in my life, I’m sure this time next year I will be compiling yet another list.