In honor of today being Friday The 13th, here is a flashback for you…


I don’t know anyone who didn’t have an NES console back in the day.

I remember I went suddenly from Atari to Nintendo one Christmas and it was like a whole new world was open to me. I was able to jump around with Mario. Look for flutes and triangles with Zelda (while also being hyped about the game cartridge being gold colored). I remember getting frustrated with Kid Icarus and wanting the ability to shoot the shady dog from Duck Hunt. And wondered why I even played Jaws if the shark was so hard to beat.

I eventually beat EVERY game I owned/bought. But there was one little bastard of a game that I was never ever able to beat until years later. And that game was “Friday The 13th”.


The game and premise was pretty violent for a kids game. (But in the 80’s things were less PC.)

You had to protect children vacationing at Camp Crystal Lake from being killed by Jason Voorhees. And Jason rarely appeared, but when he did, he would instantly kill you. It was as if it was just a joke to make you frustrated and yank the controller out of the socket and throw it across the room in anger.

The game was incredibly hard.

But one day I had insomnia, and played it. And I beat it. And then was filled with a blinding rage…


Don’t you all hate it when that shit happens.

Here is someone on YouTube who beat the game and recorded it. And you can see how shitty this ending is for yourself:

You see what I mean? Wouldn’t that shit piss you off?

But still, the game is something that should be replicated now for modern consoles. But sadly it won’t.

And the game gets major props for the screen that pops up when you die.



My obsession with FarmVille can’t be healthy…


As you can see, I have a pretty pimped out farm on FarmVille. While it isn’t as crazy extravagant as some of my friend’s who also play, it is pretty decent. What started as something I made fun of my brother and girlfriend for playing, has turned into an odd obsession.

The game isn’t particularly special like “The Sims”. You can only make your little farmer plant and harvest crops. You can’t sit on chairs, you can’t ride horses, or can’t really do much but plant and harvest and spend hours decorating your farm.

So why are we all addicted?

Why do we status update our need for specific items, just to obtain ribbons? Just today my cousin asked all her friends (via status update) to only send her purple fences as free gifts.

You see, requests like that just cut into my farming time. For starters, when I send gifts, I send the same gift to everyone. So you need a purple fence? Guess what? I am sending you all a Maple Tree. If you don’t like it? Sell it.

But I don’t know why I am so drawn to a game that really doesn’t do much. Is it the competitive nature of it? No. If that was the case I would also be addicted to FishWorld or YoVille as well. But I am not. I can’t quite explain why I obsessively check on my grapes and animals. And I don’t think anyone who is as equally obsessed with the game can explain it either.

My theory? I’m thinking that there is a subliminal message in the cheesy song that plays during the game:

The “Nintendo Wii” is my new obsession…

Why was I so late in discovering this gem of a video game console? I mean seriously, I never really wanted a Wii, but then I asked for and got one for Christmas. I was surprised that my family was able to find one for me during the Christmas shortages. But they did and it was for the proper retail price of $250 dollars.

To the uninitiated, the Wii may seem like a simple novelty item or a gimmick. But once you play several games on the system, you realize that the novelty doesn’t wear off. Playing games on the Wii is a fun experience, and playing in a group is even better.

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