“B” Movie of the Week: “Night of the Creeps”

“Night of the Creeps” was one of my favorite films from when I was growing up during the WPIX era. Channel 11 would always show this film during “Shocktober” or on a random Saturday afternoon. I’m surprised that the CW doesn’t show the movie now especially since the star of the film (Jason Lively) is the older brother to current CW Star and “Gossip Girl” headliner Blake Lively.  

“Night of the Creeps” is smart, well done, funny, and was a parody without being stupid. SO WHY ISN’T IT ON DVD????

Seriously, the most bullshit films are on DVD, yet this movie is ignored? I believe that Sony owns the rights to release this film on DVD. Why haven’t they? I mean I went to Blockbuster Video the other day and they were selling movies 4 for $20. And there was an overabundance of cheap horror films from Sony like “The Grudge 2” and  “When A Stanger Calls”. Both movies suck and pale in comparison to the goodness that is “Night of the Creeps”.

This movie not being available on DVD is a shame. Let’s all complain to Sony. Let’s stuff alien slugs in a box and ship it over to them. Maybe they will see that if the film is released it has an audience ready to buy it.