My Day at the Clinton Campaign…


I’m not very involved in Politics in general. But as a citizen of this fine country, as soon as I turned 18, I registered to vote. I have voted in every State, and National Election and I am a proud Democrat.

I am really happy that the Democratic Party is at a place where there are two qualified candidates who are both smart, are addressing issues that affect us all, and not to mention they both have a lot of star power and name recognition.

So why is it that my experience volunteering at the Clinton Campaign yesterday make me feel like I was the only one who felt this way?

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“Super Duper Tuesday” is fast approaching! Are you registered to vote?


Hello All- 

With “Super Duper Tuesday” (February 5th) fast approaching, I naturally asked my close friends and family if they were registered voters. To my surprise, about half of them (while eligible to vote) were not even registered.

So here’s the deal. 

Yes there are a few Primaries after yesterday’s big Primary in New Hampshire. But the Primary Event that will affect most of us is on what is now being called “Super Duper Tuesday” on February 5th 2008.

On “Super Duper Tuesday” 24 states will be holding their Primaries making it one of the single most important dates in the 2008 Election Cycle.  After this date we could very well have both our Republican and Democratic Presidential Nominees.

So in my effort to blog more about real life issues in 2008. I have compiled a listing of the 24 “Super Duper Tuesday” states. If you click on any of the states listed, it will redirect you to the Voter Registration Form for the state.

Again, I’m not here to tell you who to vote for or to argue about politics. I just want to make sure that anyone who IS NOT registered to vote, does so in order to make their voices heard in 2008.