My 2008 MTV “Video Music Awards” Wrap Up!

Remember when the VMA’s were a credible awards show filled with memorable performances and moments?

Remember when there were comedians who hosted the big night and they actually made you laugh?

Does anyone remember when Rock Music was actually featured during the show? I can remember when the VMA’s were an important night of TV viewing in my home, but when I tuned in last night I realized that I am either way too old for this shit anymore, or music does in fact suck.

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My “90210” Spin-Off Review!

As I kicked back and watched the new version of “90210” last night, I got this sense of Deja Vu.

While I can attribute the familiar feeling mostly to the cast being made up of people from other shows I watched, I couldn’t really figure out my feeling until midway through the 1st hour.

Then it dawned on me. “I have seen this before!”.

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Reason To Watch “90210” Remake #1: AnnaLynne McCord

"Eden" joins "90210"


When I heard about the upcomming “90210” remake, it made me feel OLD. Why? Because they were finally remaking something that started when I was a kid.

As crazy as it may be, I saw the original “90210” pilot episode when it premiered on FOX years ago. So am I happy about this remake/revamp/loose sequel/spin off? Initially, no. Especially since I stopped watching once Shannen Doherty left the show and “Kelly Kapowski” replaced her and in the end of her debut episode she was smoking in the window.

But then I heard my favorite evil girl AnnaLynne McCord from “Nip/Tuck” was cast as a part of the ensemble. My interest has picked up. For starters she was the hottest thing about the show last season. And she is one of the hottest girls on TV. Adding her definitely makes me interested in a recycled show that was born out of an attempt to save a fledgling network from folding.

Here is a VERY NSFW clip of the evil “Eden” in action.

Anyone who can pull off saying such crazy things in a convincing way has skills. Think about it, most people unfortunately say these things in real life. But at least she’s on TV getting paid for it 🙂

“90210” Debuts on Tuesday, September 2nd at 8PM.

MTV’s “The Real World” Hollywood: Is Joey Kovar Crazy?

If you watched the last weeks episode of “The Real World Hollywood” you would end your viewing thinking that Joey is nuts.

But is he really?

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Academy Members: For Your Consideration… “Wisegal”


I don’t ever watch Lifetime.

That is mainly because I am not interested in “Golden Girls” reruns or “The Nanny” reruns. I also don’t enjoy those ridiculous “Moment of Truth” movies. You know the badly edited TV movies where the Men are portrayed as being ridiculously evil for no reason?

TV Movie’s of the Week have never been done right since NBC used to run them Monday night’s back in the day. Remember those awesome movies? Everyone in school would watch on Monday and talk about them. Usually they taught you a lesson, or they were ripped from the headlines stories. Some TV star usually played against type in the movies too.  

I remember one where “DJ Tanner” was being abused by “Kevin Arnold“. And do you remember when “Donna Martin” got stabbed by “Becca Thatcher“? How about when Yasmine Bleeth had a disfigured face in jail?

Anyhow, I now watch Lifetime only when I see “Will & Grace” is on.

I was watching the finale of “Will & Grace” today (as if it were my first time ever seeing it) I saw this commercial for a Lifetime Original Movie. A movie that if released in theaters could easily make more than $120 million domestically opening weekend. A movie that would garner more Oscar Nominations than “West Side Story”.

And that movie my friends is “Wisegal” starring Eva Savealot herself Alyssa Milano.

I hope that the Emmy voters are watching this powerhouse performance and are dying to hand out their awards come September. Tell everyone else to take their names out of consideration. This movie will SWEEP!

This could be the next “Godfather”.

Flashback: My Television Review of “The Bourne Ultimatum”


In Late July of last year I appeared on the “Fox 5 10 O’Clock News” with Entertainment Reporter Toni Senecal and we reviewed “The Bourne Ultimatum” together. This appearance single handedly forced me to go harder at the gym 🙂

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“Making The Band 4” Season 2 Episode Recap: 3/10/08


What’s up guys! I noticed that while I watch “Making The Band 4”, I have not really done an episode recap for it on my blog.

The season was a little bit off for me, but in recent weeks it has been getting my full attention. Last night may have been the best episode of the season so far.

Let’s discuss shall we?  

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