My Current Music Artist on Heavy Rotation: Robyn

I go through many phases musically. In the span of a month, what I listen to can encompass many different musical genres. I love music, and there basically isn’t a musical genre that is excluded on my iTunes Library.

People know I have a deep love and appreciation of Pop Music. Pop Music gets a bad reputation, and deservedly so in many cases. But when well done, Pop Music can be damn near brilliant. There are many timeless Pop songs, and then there are one of the reasons Pop Music gets a bad reputation: One Hit Wonders. Music History is littered with the footnotes of countless One Hit Wonders. Some make that one really good hit like Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” or Blind Melon’s “No Rain”, but 85% of the others make forgettable stuff that was only good the moment it was released. Which brings me to my musical obsession of the moment: Robyn. Continue reading

I’m sure Taylor Swift is a sweet girl…


And that “Cheerleader” song is inoffensive and young girls love it.

But “Female Vocalist of the Year”?

Did they hear what I heard last night?

That shit sounded like karaoke night at The Robin Hood in Sullivan County. Or like when an overconfident big boned girl named Charity ruins your school talent show by pulling something like this right at the end.

I’m surprised when Taylor won, no one pulled a Kanye and said that Carrie Underwood has the greatest vocals of all time.

When Underwhelming Videos Attack!: Kaskade “Move For Me”


The song is on heavy rotation on my gym playlist on my iPod.

The video? Eh….

It’s crazy how much you can love a song and then the video doesn’t deliver. This video is boring. Too artsy. And it doesn’t really have that awesome vibe of the song where you expect it to be a crazy night out.

My 2008 MTV “Video Music Awards” Wrap Up!

Remember when the VMA’s were a credible awards show filled with memorable performances and moments?

Remember when there were comedians who hosted the big night and they actually made you laugh?

Does anyone remember when Rock Music was actually featured during the show? I can remember when the VMA’s were an important night of TV viewing in my home, but when I tuned in last night I realized that I am either way too old for this shit anymore, or music does in fact suck.

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Inexplicable Career Move of the Week: Ciara Naked on “Vibe” Magazine…

My love for Ciara is pretty well documented here. I think she is an extremely talented dancer who knows how to give a good performance. Even her 60 second dance cameo during Chris Brown’s BET Awards performance was great stuff.

So when you have obvious talent like Ciara does, why take it all off for a magazine when your main competitors like Rihanna or Beyonce are not doing the same (and are selling well)?

Click Below To See A Potentially NSFW Cover:

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Tuesday Video: Colby O’Donis “Don’t Turn Back”

Am I biased when I write about Latino singers? No? Ok cool.

Well I was flicking through the channels and landed on MTV3 (Tres). And this video was playing. Couple of things though. Why haven’t I seen this video on regular MTV? Or on BET? Or heard this song on a Rhythmic Station like KTU?

Anyhow, the song is catchy. The beat is cool. And the dude can sing, dance and play guitar.

What else do you need to craft a credible career in Pop Music?

Only thing I can think of when it comes to criticism is probably giving advice to homeboy to Man Up a bit with his clothing style. His stylist was on some bitch assness with the shit he was wearing towards the beginning.

Either way, it’s a slick video.

“Should Be” Single: Usher “Here I Stand”

Usher’s album seemingly came and went.

“Love in this Club” was a radio hit. But as for it being on par with “Yeah”? That was not what was happening. I always liked Usher. His first album was OK. Then “My Way” came out and it catapulted him to success. Then he followed it up with my personal fave “8701”.

While “Confessions” was his biggest seller with 10 Million sold, I wasn’t really feeling that CD. But it was still a good R&B album in an age when old school singing is making way to Ringtone Rap.

And now in the inexplicable age of Lil’ Wayne being a huge seller, Usher was poised to make a return. But after a scandal involving an older baby mom, Usher now being a dad, and Chris Brown all over the place pop locking and dropping it, it seems Usher’s fans have moved on.

Which is a shame since his last album wasn’t bad at all. And it contains one of his most grown up songs to date. The album’s title track “Here I Stand”.


The song is hot. It should be a single released to Lite FM/Adult Contemporary/Adult R&B formats.


Bonus Usher Track:

“Making The Band 4” Season 2 Episode Recap: 3/10/08


What’s up guys! I noticed that while I watch “Making The Band 4”, I have not really done an episode recap for it on my blog.

The season was a little bit off for me, but in recent weeks it has been getting my full attention. Last night may have been the best episode of the season so far.

Let’s discuss shall we?  

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Dance Music Tracks of the Week!



Here are 2 of my favorite dance tracks right now that are pretty cool. I’m sure I’m probably maaaad late in finding out about them. But hey, I’ll say it again. I wouldn’t know anything about most dance tracks if it weren’t for my the satellite radio at the gym.

Remember when MTV 2 played Dance Music at night?

Anyhow enjoy the videos. You know the drill. Hot girls, hot music, hot cars, the typical Dance Music formula…



Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand “Let Me Think About It”

Booty Luv  “Some Kinda Rush”

Sunday Video: Ledisi “Alright”