My Day at the Clinton Campaign…


I’m not very involved in Politics in general. But as a citizen of this fine country, as soon as I turned 18, I registered to vote. I have voted in every State, and National Election and I am a proud Democrat.

I am really happy that the Democratic Party is at a place where there are two qualified candidates who are both smart, are addressing issues that affect us all, and not to mention they both have a lot of star power and name recognition.

So why is it that my experience volunteering at the Clinton Campaign yesterday make me feel like I was the only one who felt this way?

I am not here to point fingers and name names, but I had a pretty eye opening experience yesterday. And I know people get competitive during elections, but there is being competitive, and being out of control with your support. And most of the people I was with (while they were polite people otherwise) got a bit overzealous when it came to their support of Clinton over Obama.

Let me get this out of the way, I am a supporter of Obama. But my support is positive. I don’t like being negative towards the other candidate unless they do something that I don’t agree with. Obama has run a pretty solid campaign and I like his message and plan for our country. But I am a Democrat, if either Obama or Hillary win, we as a party all win.  

And as the campaign progresses, isn’t it blatantly obvious that once Clinton or Obama wins the nomination, they will join forces in the end and run together against the Republicans?

So there lies my gripe. Why bash a dude who may very well be on the ticket in one form or another this November?

If you read this far, you are probably saying, “What the hell would he expect at a Hillary Campaign?” or even “Why was he even there?” To be clear, I only went to the Clinton Campaign in order to help someone who was coordinating a leafletting/distribution campaign. I may have voted for the other guy but I was more concerned about making sure people just went to vote.

And while I was there it was amazing to see how vindictive some Clinton supporters can be towards their opponent in the SAME party. They told stories and laughed about how they went to argue/harrass the Obama people who were handing out materials nearby. Throughout the day they made sly comments about him. When the first projection came in and saying he won Georgia, someone yelled “That was expected because he’s black.” 

Good one.  

Basically if you weren’t on Team Clinton, your opinion (no matter how polite it is presented) didn’t matter. Where is the party unity that Howard Dean keeps talking about when he is interviewed? Because it was not evident where I was yesterday. I don’t understand how people can be so irrational when it comes to politics sometimes. Moreover, the tactics at the polls were a little disheartening. When I voted, they gave me instructions on how to vote (which I already understood from voting for almost 7 years now) and they kept saying “Clinton is on the left”.

OK, I get it I can read. But what if I was one of those unfortunate people who are easily swayed or convinced?

One coordinator at the campaign office said that “Young people vote for Obama because they don’t think. They are not thinking about the future”.

Come again? 

Instead of being like them, I offered my thoughts on her statement. I told her that she shouldn’t discount a man who has the ability to motivate younger people to 1) register to vote, and 2) Go out and vote for him on election day. To do those two things takes thought and motivation. So her claim that young Obama supporters “don’t think” was false.

Meanwhile most of these blind Clintonista’s aren’t even informed of her plans for the country or even about what she did as the Junior Senator for New York State. One guy had to lift up a fact sheet and read off Clinton facts to a person while he was phone banking. And getting oblivious High School students (who were only interested in being on the local news) on their lunch break to hold up signs while some yelled “Obama is not the right choice” was funny to me. Do they even know about what either candidate stands for?  

And this is where I realized that any job that involves Politics is not a job for me.

Some people are so annoyingly fanatical about their political beliefs that it’s impossible to even have a rational discussion with them. It would be impossible for me to actually tolerate working with them for more than one day. I just think it’s a bit foolish to down and talk negatively about someone who actually came out of nowhere to effectively challenge Clinton’s run for the White House when he may very well be the same man they will have to support come November. 

Obama shouldn’t have been the bad guy yesterday. Look at me. I voted for him, yet I STILL offered to help my friend because I know that either choice would be the best shot at us reclaiming the White House in 2009. And I’m not alone. CNN published a poll that showed that Democrats Nationwide would be satisfied with either choice if they won the nomination.  

In closing, that was my experience yesterday. For the future I just hope that people can open up their eyes and not be so divisive, especially when it’s within our party. Clinton and Obama are both good candidates and we are fortunate that this is not another Kerry/Edwards deal (eventhough Edwards was a good candidate as well).

I wonder how everyone who pretty much hated on Obama yesterday will sound in November when he is on a Clinton/Obama ticket? Instead of criticizing his speeches (like someone did yesterday), I’m sure Clinton supporters will be happy he is there to back her up. Let’s face it, Mrs. Clinton’s speech skills do not compare to Obama’s in the least. She is going to need him to continue to motivate people to vote for change with his dynamic personality.

Democrats have a serious shot in November. Rather than down an opponent who may very well wind up as the Vice Presidential Nominee, let’s stay unified, let’s stand together, and let’s leave the infighting to that other party.




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