“Video FAIL”

What… The… Fuck?

This is the best they could come up with? This nonsense? It looks cheap as hell for starters. Beyonce dwarfs Gaga in size. The choreography is weak. And it isn’t at all sexy.

It looks like if the “Soldier” video had an unprotected three-way with the “Check On It” and “Diva” video while watching a Rihanna video marathon on MTV Hits.


Why Raven? Why??


I have no shame in admitting that Raven Symone is a talented and funny girl.

My little cousins swore by “That’s So Raven” and idolized her. I initially just thought that she was just another talentless assembly line Disney tween star, until I watched her show with my cousins and found myself laughing at her funny physical comedy.

Even now if I happen to skip by a rerun of the show during my channel surfing, I often stop and watch.

I like Raven, and I am glad she is not a mess like Lohan.

That being said, the above outfit is not a good look at all. Was this a costume? I don’t get it. Anyhow, I’m sure Raven doesn’t care what I say on my blog. She was the Executive Producer on her last movie, and I’m sure she will never want for money for many many years.


Who exactly is Oprah trying to fool?

I was flicking through the channels a couple of days ago and Oprah was on. She was talking to Jenny McCarthy about her son’s battle with Autism. It was a good interview until I noticed something strange with Oprah, so strange that I had to snap a photo with my phone. 


So why is Oprah trying to act like that is her damn hair by pulling it into a ponytail? Seriously, who is she really trying to fool? Because if she thinks she is fooling me, then I am offended.

Secondly, how does a billionaire go on TV like this? I mean she can’t afford to get a decent Yaki Ponytail?

I think this is the opportunity Tyra needs to challenge Oprah. You know Tyra want’s to be Oprah, so why not get at the queen of daytime TV and challenge her hair on the air like she did to this poor woman here:

I like and respect Oprah. She is the only lady aside from JK Rowling who can get people to read books. She is also the only person who would build a damn school. But come on Oprah get it together.

I’m also mad the ponytail is to the side.


Seperated by a "Lion King"

So basically if they ever needed a new Rafiki in The Lion King on Broadway, New York’s Mom would be a shoe in.
God I love her though. New York and Sister P. provide me with so much entertainment.