“A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila” (11/20/2007): Who Was Eliminated?


So who remains from last weeks cliffhanger?


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In Honor of “Thanksgiving” Being This Week…


One of the best things about “Grindhouse” were the faux trailers that were presented in between the double feature. So it makes no damn sense that the trailers weren’t included with either of the DVD releases of “Deathproof” or “Planet Terror”.

In honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday being this week, I am reposting the hilarious Eli Roth (Read My Interview W/ Him) faux trailer that was attached to the Theatrical Release of “Grindhouse” back in April.  

The trailer is for the spoof of the Holiday Themed Slasher Movies that were popular in the 80’s.

The “Film” is called “Thanksgiving”.

Needless to say that the trailer is really NSFW. It’s also not for the few of you out there who are easily scared of horror movies.

View the trailer under the cut!

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“Final Destination 4” is coming and it will be in 3D!


According to The Hollywood Reporter director David Ellis (who directed the diabolically evil “Final Destination 2”) is returning to the “Final Destination” franchise with part 4.

The best news, part 4 will be in 3D! Yup…. New Line has just got my $10 Dollars. 

I for one can’t wait for this movie. I really enjoyed part 1. And part 2 was a whole other experience. Aside from the brilliant car accident in “Death Proof” I still don’t think I have seen a spectacular car wreck like the one featured in part 2. The “Final Destination” movies fly under the radar. They make money, are pretty good, but a lot of people won’t cop to being fans of the series. I for one enjoy going to see these movies with my friends because they almost always ensure a good time at the multiplex. 

New Line re-hiring David Ellis to return is just a good look for the studio. Part 3 had it’s moments, but it was nowhere near as good as part 2.

Here is a bit of The Hollywood Reporter Article:

David R. Ellis is coming back to New Line for more death, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The director has signed to direct and develop “Final Destination 4,” the latest installment of New Line’s popular horror series, which the studio plans to shoot in 3-D.

The premise of the series is that even if you cheat death once, a force that is death itself will stalk you until it finishes what is started, usually in a gruesome fashion. While plot details for “FD4” are being kept under wraps, the movie will stand alone: It will feature new teens facing new forms of death.

The script was written by Eric Bress, who co-wrote “Final Destination 2.” Ellis directed the second installment, which was praised for its elaborately orchestrated killings.


With a new “Friday The 13th” remake and now “Final Destination 4” it looks like New Line Cinema is going to try hard to pose a serious threat to Lionsgate and “Saw”.



“Old School” Rock Track of the Day!: P.O.D. “Sleeping Awake”


Every now and then, one of my favorite things to do is sing Karaoke at the bar. I have done this on and off for about 3 years for fun. My friends Lissette and Mercedes usually host the Karaoke night and it always results in good fun.

Last Friday after a months long absence I inadvertently returned to the Karaoke scene. When I went to the bar for a couple of drinks with my brother and my best friend, I was shortly informed by my friend Mercedes that I was next in line to sing a song.

And the song chosen for me to sing is one of my favorites, P.O.D.’s “Sleeping Awake” off of the “Matrix Reloaded” Soundtrack.

This is a great song. I always liked P.O.D. Their album “Testify” is very underrated and was loaded with potential Rock Radio hits. Too bad it didn’t do as well as it should have.

Whenever I sing Karaoke, rather than try to be a faux R&B crooner or a Latino Loverman, I sing Rock Music. And I find it funny that people don’t expect me to even like that genre of music. But I really do. And it’s always fun to let out your inner Rock God and shock the hell out of bar patrons who were listening to off key renditions of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” all night.


Download: P.O.D. “Sleeping Awake”

“Heroes” 11/19/07 Episode Recap!

KBell is  

What an episode huh?

While the events of last night were not perfect, it was still a good hour of television. I think it may be safe to say that “Heroes” has finally returned to form! Last night’s episode was good. It was also Peter, Nikki, Michah, and Latino Wonder Twin free. Even Sybrows (who has been given nothing to do this season) sat this one out too. But even with the absence of a lot of characters, a lot of good things happened that finally propelled the Season 2 Story Arc forward.

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