“America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 9 Top 3?


Is this theĀ “America’s Next Top Model” Winner for Cycle 9?

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“The Real World: Sydney” Parisa vs Trisha!

Did anyone else catch the fight on “The Real World: Sydney” last night?

I normally never watch this show. I think I stopped watching “The Real World” alltogether after the Las Vegas season. I do watch the “Challenge” specials because they are a lot of fun. But as far as the main show is concerned, I stopped watching as soon as I became ineligible (due to my age) to be apart of the cast.

So last night I was up around 11:30 and I saw a part of last night’s episode, and I actually watched the whole thing.

Was anyone else offended by what happened? Because I sure as hell was.

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