My Brief Review: “Beowulf”!


OK so here are my quick thoughts on the film.

The visuals and voice acting are top notch. The characters look very realistic. But this is a movie to be experienced solely on IMAX 3D. I don’t think this movie would have worked any other way.

As far as the story is concerned, it was the weakest part for me. The titular character of the movie is someone who is so annoyingly arrogant that you want to punch him in the mouth. Unlike King Leonidas in “300” who you instantly liked and rooted for, Beowulf is a dickhead. (Yup I called someone a Dickhead in a review. A new low? Whatever.)

In “Beowulf” during it’s admittedly thrilling last 15 minutes, even though he was doing some heroic stuff to save his people, I didn’t really care. Beowulf was unlikeable from the start and he was stuck in a dangerous situation that was of his own doing. So you kind of have a “Good for him” attitude with regards to his situation.

The few action sequences were pretty good. But again, the IMAX 3D made them what they were. It was cool to see limbs and bodies flying in my direction, which by the way for a PG-13 film it featured a lot of violence.

But once the novelty of the IMAX 3D wears off, I am left with the feeling that this film won’t translate well on DVD.

For the casual moviegoer seeking straight up action thrills, this is how I would break the film down:

The first 35 minutes were good set up, action, and it was fun experiencing the 3D.

The next 60 minutes dragged. I admit I even did some heavy blinking at times. And when you got me looking at my watch to check the time, there is a problem.

And the last 15 minutes featured some of the best action of 2007. So basically if you dont mind waiting an hour and 30 minutes to get your action kicks, then go see this movie. If you have ADD and need to see crazy non-stop action, this is not going to be your movie.

Again, don’t see “Beowulf” unless you see it in IMAX 3D. There just isn’t any other way to see it.

My Grade: C+

“Friday The 13th” Remake Spoilers!

Friday The 13th 

While the Casting Breakdown made me upset yesterday, this script spoiler from the guys over at CHUD got me a bit curious about the remake again.

The new Friday the 13th is going to open with Jason as a legend in the Crystal Lake area. Five kids out in the woods looking for a bunch of weed they planted and stumble upon the deserted Camp Crystal Lake. Sitting around the fire that night, the dweeby one (there’s always a dweeby one) tells the legend of Jason Voorhees. After that the Survivor Girl and her boyfriend wander off into the woods, where they find a shitty old cabin. Inside are some clues, like a bed with the name Jason carved in it. An old picture of a girl who looks just like Survivor Girl.And Mama Voorhees’ head.

Cue Jason. He murderizes the other four kids, and as he grabs Survivor Girl… slam into the opening credits.

That is actually sounding kinda fun. But I won’t get my hopes up. I am going to have to see a good trailer to convince me that this isn’t going to be some straight up bullshit. But after Rob Zombie’s uninspired take on “Halloween”, the whole Horror Movie Remake craze has nowhere to go but up right?


What’s Going On With Kat Von D?


I am a fan of “LA Ink” and Kat Von D’s tattoo skills. So it pains me to see her like this.

Even with all of her tattoos, I find her attractive. Sure she sounds like she smoked 50 packs of smokes back to back in one day, but on her show she comes off as being a cool person.

At this event, she was looking like a bootleg version of herself. You know like one of those Comic Con actors that dress up as comic book characters? They somewhat look like the real thing but not really?

While the above pic may not look so bad, may I present you you picture number 2:

Huh? Part 2

From the side the outfit makes her look like a drag queen dressed up as Kat Von D on Halloween.  

Can the real Kat Von D come back to us soon?