“30 Rock”: Tracy Jordan gives Life Advice to a Pigeon….


This is a clip from Thursday Night’s episode “Somebody To Love”.

Tracy Jordan gives a down and out Pigeon some life advice because he catches the pigeon eating old French Fries out of the garbage can.



R.I.P. – The “Dead Wrong” NYCHA Sketch of the Day!


Back when I moved my blog from Myspace to WordPress, I used to post sketches from the good folks over at NYCHA. My brother worked there for nearly 2 years, and recently he moved on from his post with the organization to start his new career.

Unfortunately, this means the “Dead Wrong NYCHA Sketch of the Day” posts are officially over. So I have retired them.

It’s kinda sad since they provided me (and some of you) a ridiculous source of laughter. But I am glad my brother is now moving onward and is focusing on making moves for his future career as a Union Steamfitter.

Anyhow, this is the last sketch. It is of Joel and Jennifer’s co-worker who always gets snapped on for having big ass lips and a receeding hairline.


I hate Drew Carey on “The Price is Right”

The Price is FAIL! 

I tried watching the show the other day and I couldn’t. He is such a poor choice for a host of “The Price is Right”.

I know the producers had a very difficult time in selecting a new host. I mean, how can you replace Bob Barker? Bob Barker is the man. But this is the best you could come up with? Drew Carey? I’m sorry but as a game show host, the dude is full of FAIL.

Drew Carey just doesn’t bring the same enthusiasm that Bob did. Sometimes he is just downright boring. “Oh you just won 10 thousand dollars, that’s cool!”

I really don’t see him lasting very long with this hosting gig.

Seriously, I don’t get the choice at all. The only thing that made me watch more than 5 minutes of this show was this idiot busting his ass while  “Comming on Down!”


“Old School” Joint of the Day: Deniece Williams “Free”



One of the best things about old music are the times where you re-discover a song you listened to while growing up. This re-discovery can happen anywhere, whether it be at the supermarket or on the street or at a party.

With the case of Deniece Williams’ “Free”, it was while I was driving on the highway late at night going to my cousin’s house Upstate. I like to drive, but sometimes driving (especially for 2 and a half hours) by yourself gets you this strange lonely feeling.

So what better to do than put on “The Quiet Storm” on WBLS and wallow in self pity and lonliness? 🙂

As I started listening I was crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge and this song came on. I always remembered it being a great slow song. But I believe that some songs are appreciated better when you are older.

“Free” is one of those songs.

I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do.


New Video from Alicia Keys!

As I Am 

Here is the 2nd single and video from Alicia Keys 4th album “As I Am”.

The song is called “Like You’ll Never See Me Again”. The video features the suddenly in demand rapper Common.

The song is a bit of a departure for her vocally. It’s smooth. It took a while, but the song has grown on me. The video’s concept is not really new. It’s basically a more serious take on Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” video. 

I like how Alicia has somewhat of a theme in her videos of having good rappers appear as her love interests. From Method Man to Mos Def and now Common. It’s funny, if any other singer tried to feature a rapper as her boyfriend in their videos, they would look loose. But since Alicia is talented, gifted, and a serious musician it always looks like she is giving her props and seal of approval to the artist.

I have checked out “As I Am” and I really wanted to love it the way I loved “The Diary of Alicia Keys”. I am still not too thrilled with the CD but I am giving it another go this weekend.

I respect Alicia as an artist, so any CD she puts out deserves a thorough listen with my undivided attention.


My Ex-Wife Sarah Michelle Geller Sexes Up “Maxim”!


I remember I was a HARDCORE “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” STAN back in the day. I would never miss the show on Tuesday Nights. I admit it was hard for me to follow the show during the final seasons on UPN though, but that was around the time she also married “Whatshisface” and I began to lose interest in her career.

Then she started to make stupid movies like “The Grudge” and she fell off of my radar completely.

I was a I still have a little love for her though. Here is Geller trying to make the sexy happen for the December 2007 issue of Maxim. She’s still as cute as she was when the fisherman chased her down the dark alley 10 years ago.

Maxim 2 

I hope she catches a good career break soon. She should consider firing her agent and getting back to TV. There is no reason why a woman like SMG can’t get on high profile TV shows like “L O S T” or “Grey’s Anatomy”.

TV is what she is best at. The only Movie I want to ever see her in is a “Buffy” Movie. Period.


I’m going to go ahead and save you the $10 dollars: “Awake” Movie Spoiler!


In 2005, My friend worked for a film company and she told me about a horror script she had read called “Awake”. “Awake” dealt with the unproven phenomenon of Anesthesia Awareness. Apparently some people during surgery have reported being able to feel what was happening while they were under the knife and immobile.

Scary shit if you ask me. My friend said the script she read was interesting, but the casting was awful. And she was right. The cast is awful. Jessica Alba is the hottest actress who lacks actual acting skills. And Hayden Christiansen is still trying to break out of the Anakin Skywalker typecasting.

They didn’t really have to ruin Sia’s “Breathe Me” by using it for this preview.

Anyhow, in my effort to save you the $10 dollars you would have spent on this mundane and predictable thriller, here is what happens according to my friend. I’m sure they tweaked it a bit since the movie was filmed a while ago, but you get the idea:

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