Worst Christmas Songs Ever?

We got a new tree today, so of course we decorated it. It’s a tradition every year. Joel and I assemble the tree while we watch my Mom dig through her bins of decorations and decorate the tree.

We pretty much leave the decorating to her because it’s an artform the way she does it. If it were up to us, we’d only decorate the parts of the tree that you can see.

Anyway, we played some holiday music on the Ipod, and then got into a conversation about the Most Annoying Christmas Songs ever. So naturally I caught a post traumatic stress flashback to the truly awful CD that played during my days working at The Gap 9 years ago. I worked there around the time they had the Donovan “Mellow Yellow”  & the Depeche Mode “Just Can’t Get Enough” promos that played like crazy on TV.

So those two songs randomly played inbetween many Christmastime Classics.

The only annoying Christmas song I can recall is Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time”. Sure the song is fine the first couple of times. But when you are “perfect folding” denim that has been ravaged by Tourists and Christmas Shoppers at 10:30 at night (and you have been working the floor since 1PM) the song makes you insane.

But if you ask Joel, he claims the title goes to Ashanti’s “Hey Santa” hands down. He had to endure that song over and over when he worked at JCrew a couple of years ago. So he went through the same experience I did, just years later. Poor guy.

Thankfully we have both moved on.

What are your picks for the Worst Christmas Songs Ever?



Poor Jordin Sparks Got Deaded @ The Thanksgiving Day Parade…


While American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks music is not my cup of tea, I do think she is extremely talented vocally. She’s a cute girl, smart, and was sweet throughout her run on the show.

Soon after she won, she got unwarranted internet criticism about her weight. And while she isn’t the most athletic and inshape as she could be, she is no where near fat.

But I have a question?

Why the hell would her management team think it’s suitable for her to perform on top of the Pillsbury Float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

To top it off, she was singing on top of a damn oven with cookies coming out of it. Seriously this was a bad move on their part. Yeah the parade is great exposure, but I’m saying, couldn’t she have sang on another float?