“Terminator 4: Full Throttle”


So it’s bad enough that Fox is already bastardizing the “Terminator” franchise with the very lame looking “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, now the news comes that director McG will be directing “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins”.

That is a really bad direct to video quality title.

I was somewhat down with “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” because I thought it was one of those retarded, yet action packed multiplex diversions. I didn’t know why the movie was rated R though because most of the violence happened off screen. But whatever, I mainly give the movie credit for having the balls to end the movie the way it did.

With the case of “Terminator 4” were there no other action movie directors available? I mean seriously, McG? The guy that brought us the “Charlie’s Angels” movies? A director who is not even budget conscience? This is a dude that spent most of those movies budgets on music licensing instead of special effects. How can anyone choose him as a director for a big budget “Terminator” movie?

I have no problem with music video directors turned movie directors. Francis Lawrence did a great job with his direction of “Constantine”. His “I Am Legend” with Will Smith looks good too. And this is the same man who did Britney’s “Im A Slave 4 U”.

McG went from Sugar Ray videos to big screen crap. His hiring does nothing but lower my expectations for T4. But hey you never know. James Gunn wrote “Scooby Doo” then surprised me with the kick ass “Dawn of the Dead” remake (My Review). But as of right now I am skeptical.

It’s shit like this that almost makes me wish they hired Len Wiseman.

Hey does this mean that we are going to get another video like this when the movie comes out?



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