New “Cloverfield” Trailer!


I am a huge JJ Abrams fan. I loved his show “Alias” and even followed it through it’s bad seasons. I am a fan of “L O S T” and think that the pilot episode of the series is one of the best 2 hours of Television I have ever seen. I also enjoyed his “Mission Impossible III”.

So it makes sense that I’d be down with “Cloverfield”. Sure it’s not directed by JJ, but his trusty team of writers always deliver.

When I saw the 1st teaser trailer that was attached to “Transformers” I was excited. But I didn’t get all into the crazy viral marketing hype that followed the teaser trailer. I actually had forgotton that this movie was even coming out. But now a new trailer has been released, and it’s very good.

I am glad I now have something to look forward to in January 2008.

Why does New York City always get done greasy? 🙂