“The Dark Knight” Teaser We’ve Been Waiting For: “The Joker” Unveiled!


I think he looks great. I like how he looks like a lunatic. It will be a refreshing change of pace to see a more realistic and sadistic looking “Joker”.  I still am an bit unsure about Heath Ledger in the role, but he most certainly looks the part.

It also doesn’t hurt that I have complete faith in Christopher Nolan after “Batman Begins”.

My only criticism about that movie was how it was a lot of set up over action, but I forgave it since it was basically a reboot of the “Batman” Franchise. So all of the set up was needed.

Hopefully part 2 will bring on the action! But after seeing this pic, I believe it will.


Throwback Villain of the Week!

The Car from “Christine”

“Desperate Housewives” Episode 4.09 Sneak Peek


The show is on a creative upswing this season. So it’s kind of foul that the season may end prematurely due to the writers strike.

I believe this Sunday’s “Twister” episode will be the last of the season. Can the twister take Edie away?

Also who do you think will die? If you believe the spoilers online it will be Tom. But I don’t think the writers would be so cruel to Lynette. I mean, she is raising all those kids and just successfully battled Cancer. People need to realize that just because she is screaming in the trailer for the episode, doesn’t make the death Tom.

And besides she was majorly involved with last years supermarket shooting episode. So I think the focus will be on someone else.

My money is on Victor Lang biting the big one. His death is probably the only way the writers can write their way out of his creepy hospital threat to Gabby in Sunday’s episode.

Question: Where is Wisteria Lane on the US Map? I mean a twister? Where the hell are they located exactly?