Spoiler: “A Shot At Love” Season 2?



We all knew that MTV sent out a casting notice for “A Shot At Love 2” but they never specified if the bisexual bachelorette featured in Season 2 would be Tila Tequila.

Well now this invitation is making the rounds. And it could be spoiler worthy.

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Is “Mike Delfino’s” Drug Dealer The New “Batman”?

The folks over at IESB are confirming that the dude above is the new “Batman” in Warner Brothers already doomed live action “Justice League of America” film that is set to start filming in the new year.

His name is Armie Hammer, and he was most recently seen in last Sunday’s “Desperate Housewives” playing Barret, Mike Delfino’s drug dealer who is also a pre-med student.

George Miller, a director I have much respect for is the director of this project. Even with him at the helm, it wont stop this film from being a failure of epic proportions upon it’s release.

For starters, “Batman Begins” did a great job of re-establishing the “Batman” franchise. So if Christian Bale was never signed up for a “Spin Off” movie, they should have at least cast an actor with more edge that would emulate the Bale “Batman”. An actor like Dominic Purcell. The guy above is not edgy, he is also too young to be “Bruce Wayne”.

What the hell is this? “Teen Titans”? I just don’t get a good vibe from this project at all. As a fanboy I should be excited about it, but I’m really not.

Either way we all with bitch and complain about casting choices but we all still spend 10 bucks opening weekend. It’s like the studios beat us with their casting choices, say sorry to us with a good looking trailer, and we go back to them only to get beat again in the theater.  

I mean more power to Mr. Hammer, this is a golden opportunity for him as an actor. But the more I hear about this movie, the less interested I become. 


Ashanti’s Near Wardrobe Malfunction!


In an age where camera/photo technology is so advanced, why do female celebrities insist on not wearing underwear to events?

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