Nicole Scherzinger Continues To Try And Make “Baby Love” Happen…

Baby Love


Nicole Scherzinger continues to inexplicably try and make this song catch on. But here is the truth, it’s NOT happening.

She performed “Baby Love” at the AMA’s last night and it was just bad. The vocals, her growls, and those last few high notes towards the end were all wrong. And let’s just forget Will.I.Am was on stage with her too.

Nicole Scherzinger seems so intent on ruining her solo shot at fame. I think she should have just did another performance of “Whatever You Like”. Sure that song was a radio flop too, but it sure as hell beats “Baby Love”.




  1. Agreed. What’s with the “lalala” part anyway?

  2. That is probably the worst part of the song. It’s so not nice on the ears.

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