Movie Trailer: Will Smith in “Hancock”


Will Smith is the current Box Office King after the staggering $76 Million Dollar opening weekend for “I Am Legend”.

This is a teaser trailer for his next film “Hancock“.

In “Hancock” Will plays a washed up superhero. The film co-stars Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Charlize Theron.

Looks like this will be yet another $100 Million Dollar Hit for Mr. Smith.


Throwback Villain of the Week!


Kathryn Merteuil from “Cruel Intentions

5 Minute Preview of “Cloverfield”

I have been interested in this film since I saw the trailer before “Transformers”. But I have to say, I have stayed away from all the viral marketing the film makers have done for this movie. I don’t have the time to play puzzle games on the computer.

Either way for a movie with a moderate budget it’s shaping up to look like a pretty good monster movie. I will be there on 1-18-08 to check it out, especially knowing that JJ Abrams is behind all of this.

I will always be a fan of his because of “Alias” even though he abandoned the show midway to be a big shot director.


The New “The Dark Knight” Trailer Kicks Ass!


This is the trailer that played in front of the Non-IMAX prints of “The Dark Knight”.

I saw the Exclusive 7 Minute IMAX version when I went, so seeing this one is cool too. I am really excited for this movie.

Heath Ledger completely surprised me as The Joker. The movie looks action packed. And the Batman costume looks better. I know people have been complaining about the fact that the movie is called “The Dark Knight” yet The Joker has been in all of the advertising, but who cares. This movie looks like it will own all Summer Blockbusters next year.

I’m glad Christopher Nolan has kept his promise from the end of “Batman Begins”.


My Review of “I Am Legend”!


When I first saw the trailer for the new Will Smith film “I Am Legend”, my 10 dollars were already reserved well in advance of the film’s release. To me, Will Smith is like the “Good Housekeeping” Seal of Approval. He rarely chooses a bad film to star in. From “Hitch” to “I Robot” to his acting tour de force in “The Pursuit of Happyness” this is a man who is synonymous with quality popcorn films.  I am glad to report that after seeing “I Am Legend”, his track record for quality movies is still intact. “I Am Legend” is an effective thriller that is carried by the powerhouse acting performance of Will Smith.

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“L O S T” Returns January 31st In A New Timeslot!

“L O S T” was supposed to come back in February 2008 with 16 consecutive episodes ala “24”. Thanks to the WGA strike, the show is returning sooner. But the catch? They only were able to produce 8 episodes before the strike deadline.

As a fan I am excited about the show returning. But then I am pissed that the season may be truncated due to the strike. I hope the writers can work something out with the producers. I really would like to see all of my favorite shows return.

I am also curious about ABC putting Season 4 of “L O S T” in the spot usually occupied by “Grey’s Anatomy” (Thursday @ 9PM). What happens if the strike is resolved soon? Will they move “L O S T” into the 10PM slot?

I at least hope the 8 episodes produced pre-strike are as good as last season.


Is This Cablevision Commercial Racist?


What kind of mess is this?

I mean seriously? Why do you need a corny ass, poorly done Reggaeton song to promote a Cable/Internet/Phone service? This has nothing to do with cable service. It’s stupid, it runs at least 10 times a day, and the way the girls say the phone number is really annoying.

Who on earth finds this funny or innovative?

Maybe it’s because I’m not a big fan of Reggaeton music, and I just don’t get it. But if this is meant as a spoof (which I’m sure that’s what the company will hide behind) it’s a really lame one. Seriously, leave the spoofs of ridiculous music videos to The Roots.

And shame on the “artists” that agreed to be in the commercial.

Why is it that other ethnic groups see something in the media that can potentially be considered offensive and react accordingly, but we stay quiet and think things like this is cute?

Let’s get it together.