The New “The Dark Knight” Trailer Kicks Ass!


This is the trailer that played in front of the Non-IMAX prints of “The Dark Knight”.

I saw the Exclusive 7 Minute IMAX version when I went, so seeing this one is cool too. I am really excited for this movie.

Heath Ledger completely surprised me as The Joker. The movie looks action packed. And the Batman costume looks better. I know people have been complaining about the fact that the movie is called “The Dark Knight” yet The Joker has been in all of the advertising, but who cares. This movie looks like it will own all Summer Blockbusters next year.

I’m glad Christopher Nolan has kept his promise from the end of “Batman Begins”.


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  1. i cannot fucking wait! i knew the trailer would kick ass but i think what surprised me the most is how fucking awesome heath ledger looks and sounds… i had no idea he had it in him.. much nicer high-res trailer below:

    and whats this about a 7 min version??

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