Is This Cablevision Commercial Racist?


What kind of mess is this?

I mean seriously? Why do you need a corny ass, poorly done Reggaeton song to promote a Cable/Internet/Phone service? This has nothing to do with cable service. It’s stupid, it runs at least 10 times a day, and the way the girls say the phone number is really annoying.

Who on earth finds this funny or innovative?

Maybe it’s because I’m not a big fan of Reggaeton music, and I just don’t get it. But if this is meant as a spoof (which I’m sure that’s what the company will hide behind) it’s a really lame one. Seriously, leave the spoofs of ridiculous music videos to The Roots.

And shame on the “artists” that agreed to be in the commercial.

Why is it that other ethnic groups see something in the media that can potentially be considered offensive and react accordingly, but we stay quiet and think things like this is cute?

Let’s get it together.




  1. Totally. This commercial sucks and should be considered one of the most racist commercials of all time. I cannot believe latinos in this city (NY) let themselves be degraded in this fashion. Cablevision (of whom I used to pay money too) better strike this commercial soon else they face some sort of racial lawsuit from any given group of spanish-speaking Americians. EVERYONE: Please write Cablevision and ask that this commercial be taken off the airwaves!!!

  2. I love it, I sing the song all the time. So I guess the Irish would be offended by a Lucky Charms commercial? c’mon lighten up

  3. please its a lousy commericial. lighten up

  4. This is F_U_C_K_I_N_G racist… I dont care what my skinny white girlfriend says…. I do sing the song though…

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