New HQ “Iron Man” Pic!

This movie is looking pretty good. It’s one of the few comic book adaptations I am looking forward to.

I am also hoping that the rumors over at AICN are true. The filmmakers are reportedly planning on planting seeds in both “Iron Man” and the new “Hulk” reboot for an “Avengers” movie. That would be pretty cool. All of these heroes live in the same Marvel Universe, so it makes sense that they would eventually bump into each other.

In DC Comics news, it is also being reported that Megan Gale (who is a model) is the new Wonder Woman in the George Miller directed “Justice League of America” film.

My thoughts? Couldn’t they have cast an actor rather than a model? I know there have been exceptions to the Model Turned Actress rule, but is she really capable of pulling off a role like Wonder Woman? Halle Berry won an Oscar and she couldn’t even pull off both “Storm” or “Catwoman”. They needed to really get a girl who is a proven actress who is athletic and can easily handle stunt work and fight choreography.





Mary Elizabeth Winstead was robbed…

“100% Pure Wool” & Personal Style…

What is wrong with these 2 Suits?

If you said “Nothing” then you are obviously one of the hundreds of repeat offenders in NYC.

This is WRONG People!


Why do people insist on keeping the “100% Pure Wool” tag on their suits and coats? That shit drives me insane. Seriously, no one cares if your coat is pure wool. Wool is not some sort of rare luxury item that you flaunt and brag about. I don’t get it. You see people just trying to floss with the tag on their clothes and it is just stupid. This chick on the train was rolling her eyes hardcore at me one time because in her world she probably thought I was trying to holla at her. But in reality I was wondering why she still had the tag on her sleeve.

The tag is not a Name Brand Label, it’s just telling you the shit is Wool. Period. So take a razor to the stitching and cut it off.

In addition, if you have no discernable sense of style that you must resort to flaunting name brands, you need some help. Keeping the wool label on for any reason (aside from the fact that you may have just bought the coat and forgot to take it off) just shows that you have no style and are tacky.

Personal Style should be effortless because it’s coming from you. It should be what you like wearing, not what other people think is cool. I wore “Ed Hardy” hats before the craze happened, I rode the craze out, and I still wear them now. Why? Because it’s one of the only hat company’s that makes comfortable hats that fit my huge ass head. 

Remember folks, throwing on every name brand in an attempt to look fly makes you look like if the Youth Department at “Macy’s” threw up all over you. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Cut off any uneccessary tags from your clothing. Oh and while I am at it, Men really should remember to cut that little “X” stitching on the bottom back of their suit jackets. It’s not meant to stay there.


An Official “The Dark Knight” Poster!

Official Poster

This is a great looking poster. The marketing for this film has been brilliant so far. I am so excited for next Summer to arrive already. I have been waiting to see this movie ever since the last scene in “Batman Begins” where “Gordon” gave “Batman” the Joker Playing Card.

I have complete faith that this film will satisfy my expectations.

What’s funny to me is how everyone claimed that “Batman Begins” was a flop when it initially came out, then the film quietly (throughout the Summer) made a hefty profit. Too bad the same can’t be said for the dull “Superman Returns”, a boring movie that has more apologists than fans.

Either way, the Batman franchise is probably the only comic to film series that I am interested in. With most of these films I have come to realize that the studios are not making them for me. Their target audience is young kids. So these movies are just kiddie films with a huge budget. And that’s part of the appeal of “Batman Begins” for me. It was an adult comic book movie.

It’s a shame that the comic book company I grew up reading “Marvel” (With the exception of “Iron Man”  since the trailer looks promising) hasn’t seemed to get it right with their movies. Sure “Spiderman” and its sequels have been the HBIC of the Box Office, but I did not enjoy those films at all. “Spiderman” was a rip off of Burton’s first “Batman” movie. “Spiderman 2” was a Romantic Comedy disguised as a Superhero flick and I especially loathe “Spiderman 3”. And let’s not get started on the poorly miscast “X-Men” films.

Either way, the build up and excitement for “The Dark Knight” really has me feeling like a Elementary School kid again. I hope that the film delivers on my expectations for it.