“L O S T” Returns January 31st In A New Timeslot!

“L O S T” was supposed to come back in February 2008 with 16 consecutive episodes ala “24”. Thanks to the WGA strike, the show is returning sooner. But the catch? They only were able to produce 8 episodes before the strike deadline.

As a fan I am excited about the show returning. But then I am pissed that the season may be truncated due to the strike. I hope the writers can work something out with the producers. I really would like to see all of my favorite shows return.

I am also curious about ABC putting Season 4 of “L O S T” in the spot usually occupied by “Grey’s Anatomy” (Thursday @ 9PM). What happens if the strike is resolved soon? Will they move “L O S T” into the 10PM slot?

I at least hope the 8 episodes produced pre-strike are as good as last season.