The Bad Girls Club Season 2: “Prank Wars Part 3: The Phat Lady Sings!”


I have to say that this show has grown on me. I knew nothing about it before, and now I never miss an episode.

And while Tanisha’s exploits in “Pop Off” were annoying to me, in subsequent episodes I actually find my self laughing at her now, and not in a bad way. She is just too funny, and now I see why she was cast on the show. She is so ridiculously over the top and angry that it makes for great TV. 

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My Review of “Rambo”!


Movie reviewers can be total snobs.

Sure I review movies on my blog often, but I never have an inflated sense of self importance about something that is just my opinion. Reviewers are paid big money for their opinion, so why do most of them have this high and mighty attitude about films?

Basically what I am getting at is how the critics savagely trashed “Rambo” last weekend. If you believed them, you would think the movie is “gross”, “savage”, “pointless”. But I’m here to offer up a different perspective.

“Rambo” is one of the most violent and unrelenting films I have ever seen. Sure the plot is thin, and some of the acting is a bit off, but guess what? The movie is called “Rambo” and for anyone expecting anything more than a mindless good time at the theater, this film is not for you. Moreover, you were never a fan of “Rambo” to begin with.

Watching “Rambo” last Friday night in a packed theater was one of the best experiences I have had at the movies.

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YouTube Clip of the Day!: “Evil Eye Baby”

Thanks Nicole!


The Return of “Making The Band”!


I am a sucker for Reality Competition shows. Any Reality Show with a competitive aspect to the premise is something I can most likely get into.

I never watched the first “Making The Band” on ABC. I wasn’t interested in seeing them form a new Boy Band. So the show wasn’t on my radar. But once the show moved to MTV and they tried making a low rent version of The Fugees, I watched.

I even watched when Diddy tried to find the next “Gemini’s Twin” on “Making The Band 3”.

If you ask me, “Making The Band 3” was the high point for the series. No one in my house missed an episode. From Diddy screaming to feel goosebumps, to a delusional Aubrey being sad about being “The Pretty One”, to Laurie Anne and her crazy ass “Boom Kat Pow’s” we were hooked. I liked Danity Kane, and their debut album was better than I expected from a band formed on a reality TV show.

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In “Celebration” of Paula Abdul’s Return To Music…..


Paula Abdul may be better known to this generation as just a judge on “American Idol”. Many are unfamiliar with the fact that she was essentially the original JLO. Like Lopez, Paula never had a great powerful singing voice, but she was a megastar who racked up many hits back in the day. She was also a really good dancer and an accomplished choreographer.

That’s why I refused to watch any second of Bravo’s “Hey Paula”.  I’d rather remember the Paula Abdul who danced with a rapping cat when I was in the 4th grade.

Anyhow with her return to music and performing around the corner (listen to her new single here) I was thinking back to all of her classically cheeseball videos. And of course Keanu Reeves and the clapping monkey in “Rush Rush” was a high light but another video and song stuck out to me.

I present to you a major contender for the most dramatic pop ballad of the 90’s. Her “Classic”, “Blowing Kisses In The Wind”.

I always reference this song when Paula gives any sort of singing advice to people on Idol. For starters, the big bridge of the song is sung by someone else. If the song isn’t a duet, why is homeboy interrupting your song to sing the best part?

Anyhow, I honestly don’t see her musical comeback going far. But stranger things have happened. And she gets to perform at the Superbowl? Good job Fox.

Hopefully she is coherent enough to make it work.


“B” Movie of the Week: “Night of the Creeps”

“Night of the Creeps” was one of my favorite films from when I was growing up during the WPIX era. Channel 11 would always show this film during “Shocktober” or on a random Saturday afternoon. I’m surprised that the CW doesn’t show the movie now especially since the star of the film (Jason Lively) is the older brother to current CW Star and “Gossip Girl” headliner Blake Lively.  

“Night of the Creeps” is smart, well done, funny, and was a parody without being stupid. SO WHY ISN’T IT ON DVD????

Seriously, the most bullshit films are on DVD, yet this movie is ignored? I believe that Sony owns the rights to release this film on DVD. Why haven’t they? I mean I went to Blockbuster Video the other day and they were selling movies 4 for $20. And there was an overabundance of cheap horror films from Sony like “The Grudge 2” and  “When A Stanger Calls”. Both movies suck and pale in comparison to the goodness that is “Night of the Creeps”.

This movie not being available on DVD is a shame. Let’s all complain to Sony. Let’s stuff alien slugs in a box and ship it over to them. Maybe they will see that if the film is released it has an audience ready to buy it.


“The Bad Girls Club” Season 2: “Pop Off!” Tanisha vs Cordelia…


I have never seen a full episode of “The Bad Girls Club” until Tuesday. This WGA Strike has got me really reaching when it comes to finding quality programming on TV.

But I watched this show and was amazed at how much of a fool Tanisha is. She thinks she is keeping it real and representing BK. But she is really just acting a damn fool and her two friends in the house are little suckers.

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