“Should Be” Single: Cassie “Just One Nite”

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I know I can be unforgiving when it comes to Cassie’s vocal skills on my blog. But truth is, her CD is not bad. Sure she doesn’t have that much of a vocal presence, but she does have great production thanks to producer Ryan Leslie.

Ryan Leslie is a true talent. He is a dude that can craft a song you can bop your head and rock to in the car. “Me & U” was great, simple, effective, and catchy. “Long Way 2 Go” was SynthPop/Hip-Pop at it’s finest. And his own solo work is very good.

But what I don’t understand is how Bad Boy didn’t try to push anymore singles off of Cassie’s album. Namely, the only song she recorded on the CD that shows any real glimpse as to what she really sounds like as a vocal artist.

The song is called “Just One Nite”.

The only version I was able to upload on here is a demo version of the song. The finished product is more polished and features a different rap from Ryan.

Either way, the song is pretty good. The beat is different than what is on the radio. And her voice rides the track smoothly.

Rather than have Cassie record another CD and release it quickly, they should have just released “Just One Nite” as the 3rd and final single off of her debut album.

Here is a video of Ryan in the studio producing “Just One Nite”.

It’s funny how he looks like my cousin Danny.



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