Canadian Girl Takeover?

Cory Lee

Recently I noticed that a lot of the actresses that I find attractive are from up north.

Look at a selected list, there is actress Crystal Lowe who has a very nice body. She was in a bunch of horror films (my favorite genre). And seens pretty comfortable with her sexy side.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is Cassie Steele. The “Degrassi: The Next Generation” cutie who went from awkward girl to pretty girl over the course of the series. (Go back to Black Hair though.)

And now there is Cory Lee, a woman who I first noticed during season 3 of the Canadian show “Instant Star”.

She’s cute and pretty on the show but then I looked her up online and found out she has a full blown recording career in Canada that is different from the character she plays. Sure her songs specialize in cheeseball sexy pop music. But can I be mad at her videos? Nope.

The video for her single “Ovaload” (LOL at the ridiculously slang-ified title) features Cory gyrating in a church and confessing her sins… Is she serious?

Then there is my favorite video of hers which is a masterpiece in pop song writing… “No Shoes, No shirt, No Service”

“No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” features a beat that samples the Vanity 6 classic “Nasty Girl”. The song features the truly inspired lyrics that say “Is that Rodeo or is that Canal?” and the best line in any song this year “No cash, No car, No Coochie”.

Wow…. That’s some funny shit right there. But hey, at least she is upfront and honest with hers. Especially when she says “Cause I’m a Gold Digger, So What!”.

Haha, I think I’m in love.


The Official Trailer For “Rambo”!


The movie’s title was changed now to “Rambo” and its release date is January 25th 2008.

Why wasn’t this movie released this Summer?

That way I could have had a kick ass nostalgic action hero double dose of Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone in one Summer. But it’s cool. I’m back on board with Stallone after “Rocky Balboa” so I will be there (with my friend and “Rambo” fanatic Ted) opening day.

What do you think? Will “Rambo” deliver the old school 80’s action we have been craving?


“Should Be” Single: Britney Spears “Heaven on Earth”

Better Days 

As I mentioned in my review of the Britney Spears HQ “Blackout” Leak, a song that I found myself enjoying the most was the dance track “Heaven on Earth”.

I don’t know why I like this song so much to be honest with you. Even though I do enjoy Dance Music, I don’t OD on it. Some Dance Music can be a little too HUD for my tastes. But this song sticks out from the rest for me.

But this song really works. The way it starts off all high energy, leading into Britney’s beathy growl. The thump that follows building on the beat. All leading up to a catchy ass chorus layered with different vocals. This song is a well crafted potential hit.

And while it may be too out of the box for Britney to release to mainstream radio, I feel “Heaven on Earth” should be released to dance music stations and rhythmic stations like KTU. Releasing the song would do her album some good.

Does Britney realize that she has a good CD on her hands just waiting to be promoted properly?


“Old School” Joints of the Day: The Old Slow Jam Edition!


You all know I am a sucker for R&B slow jams. Since my last “Old School” post was about the dance music of Cece Peniston, I figured I would slow it down a bit.

Here are some of my favorite Old School Slow Jams……

Atlantic Starr’s “Send For Me” is just a great song. People know their more famous single “Always” which is an OK song. But I prefer this song. The lyrics, singing, vocal harmonies all make the song. It’s definitely a classic slow jam.

Keith Sweat never had a powerhouse R&B voice. He often sounded like he was begging. But “Make It Last Forever” is a classic duet. I used to sing this song with my cousin Joanne in her car as if we were on stage at the Beacon Theater. It’s one of Keith Sweat’s best, but he had a lot of songs that I like. 

Debarge was the oddest looking family in show business. I remember when they made an appearance on “Punky Brewster” when I was a kid. El Debarge never had a strong voice, but this song is another slow jam classic. The music and lyrics are cool. And the beat was later used for Biggie’s “One More Chance” and Ashanti’s “Foolish”.

Those were a few. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!