“Old School” Joints of the Day: Same Sample Edition!


I am generally not a fan of artists sampling other more famous songs. But when the sample is pretty inspired, I can’t hate. Look at how Biggie’s “One More Chance” took DeBarge’s “Stay With Me” and made a completely different song. That is the perfect example of sampling done right.

So today I wanted to highlight Michael Jackson’s “Lady In My Life” a song that has been sampled (to different results) throughout the years.

This is one of MJ’s best songs. But generally, MJ needs more credit with his slow songs. He has made so many good ones. From this song, to “Got To Be There”, to “Break of Dawn”, to “You Are Not Alone”, Michael has really made some memorable slow songs. This song is probably right up there with my favorite slow songs of all time.

The lyrics are good. Michael’s singing is great. And who knew other people would sample it years later?

LL Cool J made a huge comeback when I was in High School. And this song helped cement his comeback. Boyz II Men were the hottest boyband out back then. And their singing was really solid. We still haven’t had another Boyz II Men yet. The sample is just left at the beat. It does a good job and makes the song completely different from the original MJ version.

Mya, Mya, Mya.

So beautiful, so talented, so uninspired when it comes to her musical career. I never understand why this girl just can’t seem to get it all together, but that’s a topic for another blog.

Here she did a more straight ahead remake of the original song. But to me it loses the original’s simplicity. There is too much going on here. In an effort to be too current with the remake, it falls apart.

Thinking about samples made me realize that there are a ton of songs out there that contain samples that are hot. So I wanted to know what is your favorite sampled song?


Bonus Jam: Blue Cantrell “Sleep In The Middle”


“Heroes” Episode 5 Promo Featuring Kristen Bell!

It’s about freaking time! This episode will air next Monday. I hope Bell can maintain all the acting credibility she gained o her run with “Veronica Mars”. I love the girl, but I’m not loving “Heroes” lately. And I hope her turning down the role in “L O S T” in favor of this role on “Heroes” is a good decision.

Because we all know “L O S T” kicked all sorts of ass season 3 to vault it’s way back to the top of the TV Show Elite.

Kristen Bell FTW!


“Heroes” Wrap Up: 10/15/07


What’s going on with “Heroes”?

Last season “Heroes” was appointment television for me every damn Monday. I even gave up the torturing antics of Jack Bauer for this show. This season? Well I’m finding myself kind of bored with the show.

This episode did not focus at all on Hiro, Peter, and Nikki/Jessica. (And I am relieved I did not have to see more Hiro in Japan.) Tonight was all about the other folks. And while some storylines advanced the overall main plot for season 2. I am going to need the big bad of season 2 to appear already and start fucking shit up.

Parkman and his new Domestic Partner Mohinder Suresh are still both caring for Molly. Parkman is investigating Mama Petrelli and her attack by an invisible claw last week. Mama Petrelli all of a sudden has decided to cop to the death of Sulu in episode 1, by saying it was she who pushed him off of the building. Parkman reading her mind during the confession is warned by Mama Petrelli (who knows he is reading her mind) to let it all go in order for the remaining heroes to stay safe. This obviously intrigues Parkman further and presses him to investigate the deaths of the old schol heroes with the help of a newly shaved Nathan Petrelli.

Micah is still in New Orleans, and this is the main storyline that grabbed me last night. I like Micah’s power and how it’s technology based, but who knew his cousin would have a power that was based on technology too? His cousin Monica was introduced and her introduction was the best introduction for a new hero since last season. She is honest, headstrong, and is trying to make a living in New Orleans Post-Katrina. While this New Orleans-Katrina angle to the story could have gotten to be a bit much, it wasn’t.

It was the introduction to her power that made me geek out the way I used to while watching Heroes. It seems her ability is that she can copy whatever she sees on Television. So after being turned down for a management training program at her fast food job, the place is almost robbed. Monica (in the best moment of the show) superkicks the dude into a wall with a move she learned while watching a random WWE PPV the night before.

Can you imagine having this power? Seriously? If I could do that, I would stay home and rewatch “The Matrix” then go outside and jump from building to building. Being able to successfully copy what you can see on TV is a dream come true for any kid who grew up being an amature daredevil around their block. Storylines and abilities like these are what make this show good. Keep them coming.

Aside from this storyline, Maya and “ALEJANDRO!” encountered none other than Sylar on the road in Mexico and they of course gave him a ride. But I don’t understand what going on by episodes end. Sylar discovers that the Latino Wonder Twins have abilities too and says he will take them to Suresh. But he didn’t say it (at least to me) in an evil way. It almost looked like he was serious about helping them. Either way Sylar is just not redeemable, so I shouldn’t think he is capable of turning a new leaf. He has killed so many people that it wouldn’t seem right for the writers to make him a good guy.

Parkman and Suresh discover that Parkman’s dad was a hero too. When they ask Molly to look for him by showing her his picture she wigs out because…. He is the nightmare man from her dreams. Dun, Dun, DUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

Like we didn’t see this one coming?

Anyhow Molly decides to be brave and look for him. By episodes end it seems like her mind (while searching for him) is suddenly taken prisoner by the nightmare man. Because Molly passes out but Parkman can still hear her screaming for his help in his head.

Notice how I didn’t mention Claire? Well it’s because her storyline was so god awful. Not even the teen drama on “Gossip Girl” is cheeseball. This was the absolute worst. And when Claire decided to trust her new boyfriend by taking a leap off of the Hollywood sign, the show was treading in shark infested waters. And when he caught her and said some seriously cheeseball pick up line. I was over it.

Seriously, Claire was cooler when she tried to kill herself every episode in an effort to hammer home the point to the audience that she was indestructable. Now she is just acting in what appears to be a reject Sci-Fi version of “One Tree Hill”. Can we make this stop? Send her to New York with her grand mother and enroll her in the Constance Billard school with Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf.

Overall, I’m glad the storylines are starting to pick up some steam. It was about time. But this show needs to kick into high gear already. It’s not delivering. And the promo for next week was pretty funny. It seems to have been made just for me because it heavily touted the appearance of my homegirl Kristen Bell.

I really hope her character brings some spark to the show. It’s sorely needed this season. For season 2 it seems that “Heroes” has more apologists than fans. I hope the show can get it’s shit together next episode.