Year End 2007: “Should Be” Singles


It’s that time again. The year is almost over, so it’s time for a Year End List for 2007. Today the list is a compilation of my blog posts from this year for the songs I named “Should Be” Singles.

We all have a “Should Be” single off of the favorite albums that we listen to. Those great songs that somehow are never released as a single.   

Below the cut is a listing of the songs I named the “Should Be” Singles of 2007.



Christina Aguilera “Without You”

Album: “Back To Basics”

Danity Kane “Right Now”

Album: “Danity Kane”

Common “Break My Heart” 

Album: “Finding Forever”

Cassie “Just One Nite”

Album: “Cassie”

Britney Spears “Heaven On Earth”

Album: “Blackout”

Cheri Dennis “Dropping Out Of Love”

Album: “In And Out Of Love”

Kelly Clarkson “Be Still”

Album: “My December”