How many singles will she eventually release?


I won’t knock Fergie’s hustle. Her debut album has spawned 4 hit singles. And now she is releasing her 5th (and final?) single off of “The Dutchess” with the song “Clumsy”.

I’m not a huge Fergie fan. The only song that she released that I actually liked was “Glamorous”. But that had a lot to do with the Ludacris cameo. Eitherway, I don’t know if this song will be a huge hit for her. It’s kinda odd sounding, but I do already hear it a lot on the radio. 

Personally, I think the success of Fergie’s album may have peaked with “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. But more power to her though. She is definitely doing something right. Most people don’t even get to see a 2nd single, and this is #5.

BTW she also looks the best she has ever looked in this video. But money and makeup will work wonders for anyone.


Doing better than Nicole?


While Nicole Scherzinger (who should have had it easy based on her looks and talent alone) is having trouble releasing a single that will actually chart, it seems she is getting some unexpected competition from none other than one of her fellow PCD members.

A song that is on heavy rotation in the Top 40 Rhythmic and Dance stations is Paul Van Dyk featuring Jessica Sutta of the PCD with their single “White Lies”.

I think I hear this song every damn day on the radio. It’s always on when I am at the gym. It’s not a groundbreaking song. And the video is not like the typical dance videos that aspire to be different. It’s all a standard affair. But the difference? This song is pretty damn catchy. 

It already hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Chart.

Nicole singles off of her solo CD “Whatever You Like” and “Baby Love” have not garnered much airplay on the radio. And maybe that’s because she is too busy trying to change the game and be different. What she needs to be doing is singing catchy music and dancing her ass off.

I guess Jessica knows the deal.


Bonus Dance Video: Kaskade “Steppin’ Out”

Mini TV Reviews!


Hey what’s up guys. I have been abnormally busy this week so that is why I haven’t been able to post much on my blog. I am in the middle of planning a party and it’s taking up a significant amount of my free time. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.  Since I have not been able to provide a proper wrap up post for some of my favorite shows.

Here is a mini recap of some of the stuff I watched this week.  

“Heroes” 10/8/07

2 things: 1) When does the far superior “L O S T” return again? 2) When does Kristen Bell start her arc as “Elle” on this show?  My interest in this show is fading ridiculously fast this season.

They still have not made up for the ridiculously lackluster season 1 finale. Peter is still battling amnesia as if he is on a “Dallas” like Soap Opera. Claire’s new flying boyfriend makes really annoying faces when he looks at her. And I am almost over the Latino Wonder Twins and their useless power and storyline.  Alejandro and Maya = Nikki and Paolo from “L O S T” season 3. Two new characters that no one cares about. And as their storyline progresses I don’t see how they fit in with the bigger picture.  

“Reaper” 10/9/07

Why is it that I look forward to this show more than a lot of my faves from last season? Why? Because it consistently delivers in both laughs and story. Brett Harrison is growing more as Sam and his relationship with both the Devil and Andi is getting deeper. I really dig this show and how it’s all coming together.   

“Top Model” 10/10/07

Worst makeovers in Top Model History! Seriously. Ken Paves is a clueless hairstyling hack who managed to make an attractive group of women ugly.

New Jersey stunner Lisa had her hair cut off and was given the same haircut Gene Wilder has been sporting lately. Anyone in their right mind can tell you she was meant for big ass crazy ass curly hair. Saleshia looked like a broke down Rihanna with that ugly ass bob.  

Bianca’s Keyshia Cole exclusive was unnecessarily chopped off just for dramatic effect. They could have put a temporary rinse in her hair, braided it, and put a weave over it. They didn’t have to chop it off. And then Ken Paves had the nerve to give her a Jessica Simpson Barbie Wig. Gimme a break. You mean to tell me that Tyra couldn’t have loaned her one of the many wigs in her closet?  

“Gossip Girl” 10/10/07

I had my doubts about Serena and Blair being BFF’s again, but you know what? It actually works. This episode managed to make Blair more sympathetic. It also made Chuck (who has been written like a huge bad guy cliché) more human.  This show may not be art. And it may follow many of the tired and true conventions of the teen drama. But it’s entertaining and escapist and it has totally grown on me. Hopefully the Dan and Serena relationship gets to play out since they have an insane amount of onscreen chemistry. This is my guilty pleasure TV show (at least until “Nip/Tuck” season 5 starts.) 

”Bionic Woman” 10/10/07

This show is skating on thin ice. Michelle Ryan is just not a convincing lead. Her acting is stiff and she looks totally unbelievable as a woman who has 50 million dollars worth of bionics in her. She also looks odd at times. Like sometimes Michelle looks in shape and then other times she looks like she has a double chin. Looks aside, this show is turning out to be a pale imitation of “Alias”.  

Dead Fiance – Check!

Secret Government Agency – Check!

Scenes Balancing a “Normal Life” – Check!

A bad assed rival like Anna Espinosa – Check! 

To be fair, Katee Sackhoff of “Battlestar Galactica” fame (A show I still have never seen) does a great job as the bad Bionic Woman Sara Corvus. She was the only thing that made Wednesday night’s episode OK. But I don’t think I am going to give this show another week after next week. It had loads of potential that it seemingly squanders at every opportunity it gets.  And the opening title sequence is fucking awful.  

“Grey’s Anatomy” 10/11/07

Thankfully the end of Izzie and George is near. I can’t wait. This was the worst storyline in the history of the show. Bailey and Callie called a truce. Karev is back to being an evil jackass again. Meredith and Derek are still Friends with Benefits. Meredith also got a chance to finally talk to Lexie. While it wasn’t a classic stand out episode of the show, it’s still a better episode that most of last season. 

The show is back and I’m here for the ride. Even if the promo’s for next week made me cringe at the sight of Izzie taking her wrecking a marriage as a joke (when she was throwing her hands up for a fight with Callie in the lunchroom.)

It’s like sit your ass down Izzie and fall back.