“Making The Band 4” Season 2 Episode Recap: 3/10/08


What’s up guys! I noticed that while I watch “Making The Band 4”, I have not really done an episode recap for it on my blog.

The season was a little bit off for me, but in recent weeks it has been getting my full attention. Last night may have been the best episode of the season so far.

Let’s discuss shall we?  

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Dance Music Tracks of the Week!



Here are 2 of my favorite dance tracks right now that are pretty cool. I’m sure I’m probably maaaad late in finding out about them. But hey, I’ll say it again. I wouldn’t know anything about most dance tracks if it weren’t for my the satellite radio at the gym.

Remember when MTV 2 played Dance Music at night?

Anyhow enjoy the videos. You know the drill. Hot girls, hot music, hot cars, the typical Dance Music formula…



Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand “Let Me Think About It”

Booty Luv  “Some Kinda Rush”

Sunday Video: Ledisi “Alright”



“Old School” Joints of the Day: One Hit Wonder Edition


Hey what’s up? 

These songs remind me of my fun days at Randolph High. Man the more you move away from your high school experience, the more nostalgic you get for those 4 years.

These are some of the 1 hit wonders that came out with singles when I was in high school. I hope you enjoy them.


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New Video from Jordan Sparks: “No Air” Featuring Chris Brown

While Jordan Sparks’ music is not my cup of tea, she is undoubtedly talented vocally. Her first single “Tattoo” was really weak in my opinion, so now she is releasing a new single.

The song is called “No Air” and it features teen singing sensation Chris Brown.

This song should do better than her last especially since Chris Bown’s fanbase is a loyal bunch. I have a question though? Why is it that “Idol” seemingly cannot afford to send their winners to real producers straight out the gate? If you have an R&B singer who won, you mean to tell me that you can’t afford hot R&B producers?

“Making the Band” doesn’t even have a fraction of the audience that “American Idol” has, yet Danity Kane’s 1st album featured a lot of heavyweight producers (including Timbaland).

Get it together Simon…


Snoop Dogg on the cover of “XXL” Magazine


Can we all start a petition to get Snoop some food?

Joking aside, Snoop is one of my favorite rappers. He comes out with good party music and has a good sense of humor. Even his Reality TV Show isn’t half bad. But homey if you are reading this, eat a burger every now and then.

Right now he is ironically reminding me of Snoopy’s brother Spike.



The Best Video of 2008 so far:

“RAW EMOTION” on Full Display….


While I always say I will stop watching “American Idol” I always get caught up.

This season the talent seems to be on point, as there are many kids in the Top 24 who can potentially have hot careers post Idol. One kid I did notice because of his talent and good personality was a guy named David Archuleta. Turns out, myself and my friend Pab actually remember this kid from an old school “American Idol” message board. (Yup we used to visit the old MSN American Idol boards back in the day during Season 1) sad but true.

Anyhow, the kid is talented and has a real shot this season. I dug up an old YouTube clip of him singing to the AI Season 1 contestants.

While the clip shows the kid has tremendous talent. I can’t help but be a little disturbed by his choice of song. Also kinda unsure about the level of comfort he has with the song. Not to mention the amount of RAW EMOTION he provides when singing it.

Either way I am glad he left this dramatic mess behind and got more mature. I hope he is able to do well in the competition.

Good luck kid.


PS: Carly Smithson is the epitome of FAIL.