My Current Music Artist on Heavy Rotation: Robyn

I go through many phases musically. In the span of a month, what I listen to can encompass many different musical genres. I love music, and there basically isn’t a musical genre that is excluded on my iTunes Library.

People know I have a deep love and appreciation of Pop Music. Pop Music gets a bad reputation, and deservedly so in many cases. But when well done, Pop Music can be damn near brilliant. There are many timeless Pop songs, and then there are one of the reasons Pop Music gets a bad reputation: One Hit Wonders. Music History is littered with the footnotes of countless One Hit Wonders. Some make that one really good hit like Lisa Loeb’s “Stay” or Blind Melon’s “No Rain”, but 85% of the others make forgettable stuff that was only good the moment it was released. Which brings me to my musical obsession of the moment: Robyn. Continue reading

My dog Duke in a Bootleg-Low Budget “TheNeverEnding Story” remake…

I think it’s safe to say my dog isn’t always happy with me…

Love him though.


My Favorite Slang Words/Phrases Of 2010

As the year comes to a close I usually start trying to recap all the “Best” of everything I enjoy. Music, Television, Movies, all things that everyone who has a blog is guaranteed to make “Best” lists for.

With 2011 quickly approaching, I thought I’d do something a little bit different this time around. The idea for this blog post came to me when I was talking about my cousin Unique the other day. Unique is a funny girl who is also a gold mine of often hilarious catchphrases and new slang words.

Many of the words that she says in passing initially garner a look that says “OK… Good luck with your attempt to make that word happen!”, but then you gradually start to say these words.

In 2010 alone I think I have picked up more than 10 words from her. Because of this, I think it’s time I did a quick round up of My Favorite Slang Words Of 2010.

Continue reading