The internet community goes crazy for “Inception”, I still couldn’t care less…

OK, so I’m ready to be called a “Hater” after this post.

Christopher Nolan is a good director. I have enjoyed many of his movies since his first film (“Memento”), which I saw with one of my best friends (Liz) at the Village East Cinema way back when. The man is good at telling a story, but one thing that is frustrating me is that after “The Dark Knight”, the praise for him from internet Fanboys is getting a little nauseating.

The level of hyperbole used to describe his work is pretty amazing to me. I mean, I really enjoyed “The Dark Knight”, but was it the Best Movie Ever? Not by a long shot. Was it the Best Superhero Movie Ever? Not even. Did it deserve to win an Oscar for Best Picture? Hell no.

This brings me to his latest film, “Inception” which is hitting US theaters next week. Some of the early reviews are SO over the top that it’s hard to even take them seriously.

Do I want to NOT believe they are true? No. If anything I am waiting for the next Game Changing movie to come and “Wow” me the way “The Matrix” did many years ago. This Summer has been so abysmal, and for every superb “Toy Story 3”, we get a ton of crap.

But will “Inception” save this Summer for movies like reviews are saying?

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Another Reason I Sometimes Dislike My Brother: “We Rule”

I love my brother very much. But that doesn’t mean I always like him. Ever since he joined the iPhone Army, he has been an App Downloading Fanatic. I always hear his phone buzzing and making strange noises and I prefer staying in the dark as to what new game he is obsessed with. But he kept inviting me to play a game called “We Rule”. I resisted for weeks, but I finally got caught into the game and downloaded it.

What happened?

I naturally became obsessed.

Here is a bit about the game from a review online:

And here is my “We Rule” kingdom:

Yup I’m OD’ing. I pretty much left my habit of obsessively playing FarmVille in favor of building a kingdom on “We Rule”.

It’s unhealthy for sure. And I am probably going to revert back to using my old Motorola Flip Phone in a few years to aid in my weaning off these games. But for now, I’m down with another time sucking App thanks to my brother.

How do you detox from a bad end of a friendship?

Many friendships form between certain people due to the circumstances surrounding them. It could be a mutual hatred for a job,  a shared dislike of someone’s attitude, or a shared joy of certain hobbies or interests. In my life I am extremely lucky to have been able to form bonds with a lot of people. Obviously, many bonds are stronger than others. Overall I am grateful for anyone who takes the time to invest in a friendship with me. Life is such a short stream of consciousness that anyone who comes into your life to enhance the experience for the better is a welcome addition.

We all make certain types of friends. There are casual friends that we don’t speak to for months but when we happen to see each other, we simply pick up where we left off. There are work friends who we do everything with during the week, yet don’t talk to on Saturday and Sunday. And there are our closest friends who would probably hide a body for us no questions asked.

Then we have those friends who we keep around because we remember good times we had previously.

In my year of forward change, I have learned quickly that maintaining a friendship that is barely chugging along on the fumes of nostalgia is just no good for you. So what happens when a friendship with that person ends badly?

Do you retaliate against their negativity? How do you move on?

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I suck at flirting, and I’m awful at taking compliments…

In an attempt to make my blog more personal and less about news you can find elsewhere, I think it’s time I started opening up about my life experiences. When I started blogging a few years ago, it was just me making observations on my Myspace page. And suddenly I began to notice that a lot of people were actually reading what I had to say.

Empowered by this admitted ego boost, I migrated to WordPress where for a while I had a pretty good run of continuous blogging and constant updating. But then life got in the way. And when it did, I just lost all desire to write on here.

But then it dawned on me. The reason I didn’t enjoy it was because my blog had morphed into a place that was rarely about my personal experiences.

So here I am today. Talking about something that I noticed about myself today.

I fucking suck at flirting, and I am awful at taking compliments…

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