New Music Video: LeToya featuring Ludacris “Regret”

The video to LeToya’s 3rd single “Regret” was finally released.

While there is nothing particularly special about the video, the song is so hot that the video isn’t even a factor. She’s looking good though.

As for the song, LeToya’s vocals are on point. Ludacris’ verse is simple, witty, and doesn’t steal any of LeToya’s shine. Tank’s production is tight. And the lyrics are pretty solid.  Usually songs about dead wrong guys play it a little too obvious to the point where the lyrics are cliche. On this song you can relate to what she is singing about (girl or guy). And despite who she is singing to, the chorus resonates with everyone who gave someone swag and in turn they got gassed and ran with it.

They always do regret it in the end.

Hopefully this will be a big hit for her. My question though? Why wasn’t this the 1st single?