In honor of today being Friday The 13th, here is a flashback for you…


I don’t know anyone who didn’t have an NES console back in the day.

I remember I went suddenly from Atari to Nintendo one Christmas and it was like a whole new world was open to me. I was able to jump around with Mario. Look for flutes and triangles with Zelda (while also being hyped about the game cartridge being gold colored). I remember getting frustrated with Kid Icarus and wanting the ability to shoot the shady dog from Duck Hunt. And wondered why I even played Jaws if the shark was so hard to beat.

I eventually beat EVERY game I owned/bought. But there was one little bastard of a game that I was never ever able to beat until years later. And that game was “Friday The 13th”.


The game and premise was pretty violent for a kids game. (But in the 80’s things were less PC.)

You had to protect children vacationing at Camp Crystal Lake from being killed by Jason Voorhees. And Jason rarely appeared, but when he did, he would instantly kill you. It was as if it was just a joke to make you frustrated and yank the controller out of the socket and throw it across the room in anger.

The game was incredibly hard.

But one day I had insomnia, and played it. And I beat it. And then was filled with a blinding rage…


Don’t you all hate it when that shit happens.

Here is someone on YouTube who beat the game and recorded it. And you can see how shitty this ending is for yourself:

You see what I mean? Wouldn’t that shit piss you off?

But still, the game is something that should be replicated now for modern consoles. But sadly it won’t.

And the game gets major props for the screen that pops up when you die.