The Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga “Video Phone” Remix Has Finally Arrived…


Last week the video for the remix of “Video Phone” featuring Lady Gaga was supposed to make it’s world premiere on all MTV owned stations. There was even a countdown clock on several websites. But when the clock hit zero, no video premiered.

They blamed technical difficulties and pushed it back to November 23rd.

Well while STAN’S across the internet breathlessly wait for Beyonce and her RAW EMOTION to finally debut the video, the song itself has finally arrived.

I’m sure this will get pulled by YouTube soon. So listen to it while you can.

My thoughts?

It’s not the dramatic display of ridiculousness that I expected due to it after all being a Beyonce song. It’s virtually the same song that is already on “I Am… Sasha Fierce”.  Bangladesh is pretty good at making cool beats though. And this song is way better than the super repetitive “Diva”. But at the end of the day, you guys know how I feel about Beyonce.

So now that the song has finally arrived, was it worth the wait?