New Music Thursday!


Usher: “Rock Band”

Produced by RedOne (Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”) Usher goes into party mode, which is good since I hate “Papers”. But the song doesn’t really fit him. Also the chorus is weak. “Let me rock you like a Rock Band?”. Who says shit like that over the age of 17?

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Amerie ft. Fabolous: “More Than Love”

Amerie makes another attempt at a career resurrection with this track off her album “In Love And War”. I like it. But I like Amerie. But her career is never going to pop off. It’s just not going to happen. She needs to try her hand at acting instead. People just aren’t feeling her musically.

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Mariah Carey ft. Gucci Mane, OG Da Juiceman and JD: “H.A.T.E.U. (Remix)”

I don’t get how Mariah’s CD tanked. I thought people were feeling “Obsessed” because it was all over the damn radio. But I guess not. Here is a new song that LIBERALLY samples the Ghosttown DJ’s classic “My Boo”. I was sitting at home jamming to Funk Flex when he suddenly dropped a bomb. So I was waiting to hear what he would play and this came on. I swore it was the Ghostown DJ’s one.

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Mads Langer

Mads Langer: “Beauty of the Dark”

You know I had to take a left turn and play something different than the above. This is a good rock song with good vocals. I’d rather listen to this than Kings of Leon all day. The radio is really burning out that “Use Somebody” song… That fucking song is a pain in the ass already.

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