Annoying Commercials… That Should Be Brought Back??

Back in the day when I worked after school at The Gap was a fun time in my life. I met a lot of good people there. Made good money for a 16 year old. Had fun. And enjoyed a pretty good discount.

I remember looking like the people in the commercials below because basically I bought everything on the Men’s side of the store.

Which brings me to the topic of this blog post. Remember when The Gap commercials were good?  Sure after the 900th time of seeing heroin addicted models in leather pants singing Depeche Mode can grate your nerves. But they did their job. You noticed them. And so what about the communist undertones “EVERYONE IN LEATHER” “EVERYONE IN CORDS”. It was like crazy capitalist mind control and it worked.

The Gap should really bring them back for their Fall campaign. Why waste money in a terrible economy when you can repackage something that worked from the past?



Do you remember these commercials? If so did you enjoy them?

By the way, they can leave “EVERYBODY IN VESTS” out… I hated that commercial. But it’s mainly saved by the wimpy guy in the middle that tries to OD and freak it on his one line of singing “In my love!” with mad attitude.

It happens around the 14 second mark.